Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Stud of the month

The train tracks in Bombay are like a strong gushing river, flowing along mercilessly. You, my little rivulets, may branch off from the river and try to make your own path, but after wandering in a pointless little circle, you will be drawn back. You will ride the current, you will go with the flow. It's at the centre of your existence. So scurry along, you who think the trains are just a means to facilitate you, should you choose to take it. 

You'll see.

It seems that over the past year, I have lost 10 kg. That I am not remotely skinny after all this stands testament to how blimp-like I was earlier. Hooray for meeee. But there are, and have been, impediments galore, the main one being my willpower which is so weak that it would topple over mightily if a nearby puppy sneezed.

I ran a 10 km race 3 weeks ago, but I've been so euphoric about it that I've stopped running and started eating to celebrate. Chocolate? Hey I ran 10 km! Ice cream? 10 km baybeh! Dirty Chinese food? Hey, I'm the stud of the month.

I miss college. She would wake me up every morning and force me to run with her. Or she would display a startling amount of bitchiness and shame me into running while she sat and ate salted Lays chips by the kilo. I'm now looking for a friendly pain in the ass to push me to exercise regularly. Kindly send me your applications.

I imagine all the witty retorts that came to you too late, all stored in a little filing cabinet in a corner of your mind, all crying at the wasted opportunities. 

All the emotions you frantically typed out and poured into depressed emails you thankfully never sent but kept in your drafts are there too, on the next shelf. The crying doesn't really bother them.

Right next to this is the final sentence you will ever say. Your very last words, as it were. It sits there, waiting for the day it will sprint towards the outside; hoping that when it does, it leaves its mark on the world, hoping to dwell forever in someone's memory, hoping to forevermore cause a spark of affection tinged with loss . Till then, it sits around. The crying in the general areas annoys it so it hopes to get out as soon as possible. 

Uh oh.

Stupidity rules in leaps and bounds
Rhyming things make fun-fun sounds