Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I love me some .mobi

I read my own blog yesterday, the dusty old posts forgotten by all, hiding in the aether. Words buried in old web pages, unseen by anyone except the odd spambot.

I am simultaneously embarrassed and jealous. Embarrassed because I was an idiot. Jealous because, well, I used to be a fun idiot. I used to think of such strange and wonderful things that just do not occur to me anymore. As though the little spinning pinwheel that is inside my soul, powering my imagination and coherence, is slowly being worn away. Soon it will be but a little pile of confetti.

The bright inquisitiveness and exuberance of the youth of yesterday and all that.

I have started reading the Sandman series. I LOVE IT. It took me long enough to make my way to graphic novels. They never appealed to me. What story can be there with drawings yaar, even though the drawings are pretty awesome, I used to think. Whadda fool whadda fool I was.

The WORDS. Are amazing. The illustrations, the expressions on the faces, the intricate little details that most people might just miss, it's all so yummy.

The actual thing is… Tangible things I have to DO that seem to have no end in sight seem daunting as fark to me. This is probably the real reason I never gave comics a go. From what I can tell, the first in any series was published a million years ago, there are an infinite number of comics in any given series and an infinite number of series. With no end. None. They all stretch till forever. When most of humanity is dead and gone, new issues of comics will still be churned out because that’s just what’s done. The feeling of beginning something I can probably never hope to end is unpleasant. And of course I have to end it, I’m not a philistine.

In fact, that is my one and only grouse with my darling Kindle. When I read a book, no matter how much I like it, I am comforted by the solid feel of the remaining pages. I happily burrow through the book, looking to emerge at the other end, always feeling an irrational reassurance in always knowing how much remains to get through. With my kindle, the information that I have 47% of the book to get through isn't as encouraging as the feel of the real thing.

But SO. I am getting over it. More comics shall eventually be read.

I go through phases in which I read like a woman possessed and phases in which I feel repulsed when I so much as think of beginning a new book and go for weeks and months without reading. I've come to realise that I'm happiest when there is a new chapter to look forward to, new sentences to feel awestruck about, new authors who I want to hug and/or maul.

I now leave you with one of my (many) favorite concepts from Sandman.

PS- I luvvit and all but Gaiman is good at being a sexist pig from time to time. 


Soin said...

nanum reading my old blog and other people's old blog entries. sema amusing.
and isnt sandman boring at all? everyone just keeps saying its awesome..

Punvati said...

No da, I love it. Some issues are better than others, of course.