Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pakathu veetu maami.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed only. Too much is happening, too much is about to happen. My life is going to see more action in May, June and July than it has in the past 2 years. It's slightly terrifying and it's sort of like jam. 

When you spread jam on a slice of bread, you try to spread it evenly so that most of the bread gets covered. Then you eat it and discover a giant lump of jam that never spread and you're like OH HEY where did that come from. Clearly one needs better control over one's butter knives. 

I am about to dive into that lump of jam.

I don't even actually like jam but alas, this metaphor would probably not have worked with cheese. Mmm.


It is time to realise that life has become all about dodging or accepting the TWSS'.


soin said...

it might work with a sugar lump in theratipaagu.. if not the cheese..

wagla_aka_batman said...

Chunky Peanut butter?

Punvati said...

@soin- but then i won't get a fun blogpost title out of that.

@Wayne- Any peanut butter that is not in a peanut butter cup is peanut butter wasted.

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