Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Enlightenment sans Bodhi tree

A while back I was obsessed with one game called Ingress. It's an augmented reality game. Augmented reality, AUGmented reality, it sounds so cool and Matrixy.  So basically I could be staring at a man  contemplatively scratching his bum and chewing paan, while on my phone screen I would be doing complicated-sounding shiz like  creating control fields and hacking a portal that is situated right besides the bum scratcher. I'd be walking around looking into my phone, a window into this fascinating alternate reality, and I'd be sniggering at all the people around me who had no idea of what fasinating blue-green world they were actually living in.

I've previously contemplated what it would be like to live in my phone. It would be interesting, doing all this new age Dungons and Dragons stuff for real but I'd probably miss all the hot chocolate I consume in the course of daily life so I'm going to stay put for a while.

Can friendly portals feed a hungry soul?


What would happen if Neo was the druggie sort and had grabbed both the red pill and the blue pill and downed them together? The nation needs to know.


Rohit Nair said...

Why would you be scratching the bum of a paan-chewing man?

Punvati said...

You're a wise-ass yo.

soin said...

adichutu yezhudhariya??

Punvati said...

@soin - Adhellam tevai illai