Wednesday, January 30, 2013

glum grump glum

I had a strange dream today. 

I was sitting in the train with my headphones plugged in and I had dozed off next to a large, loud Gujju lady. I could hear the chatter as well as the music and suddenly in my head I was a weary (bald) man who had been nagged silly by his wife. After a couple of decades of listening to the incessant henpecking, I, the husband, had perfected the art of tuning it out. Whenever I did, loud triumphant Ave Maria type music would well up and engulf me and I would lean back with my arms folded behind my head with a beatific smile on my face and nod in time to the music while appearing to listen to the wife.

My subconscious is a cliché.


I'm really really bored. 

There is too much to do.

2013 and my severely uneventful adolescence are ganging up on me and trying to cram everything into this year and ack I want to sleep.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Why like this ya

This is what it feels like.

I am stationary. Everything in my immediate vicinity is moving at a glacial place. Slowly slowly, like honey dripping from a little glass bottle full of ants who have met their glorious sticky end, into a waiting bowl. Everything just beyond that is moving very fast. Like a car on Western Express Highway at 2am with a slightly inebriated girl in the back seat looking out the open window with joy, so much joy.  

The speed of life is inversely proportional to the distance from me.

I am the centre of a record on a gramophone?

I am an idiot.