Friday, December 28, 2012

Wonderland 2.0

Today I walked to office from the station and I bumped into an irate lady because I was busily peering into my phone.

I imagine what it would be like to be in my phone. Actually IN it. I would be looking at it, all immersed in whatever new social media dinkum is occupying me at the moment, and I would fall right into my phone. Through the Looking-Glass App.

I would be very very tiny. I'd run and jump and leap to stay in one place because whoever would then use the phone would keep switching between screens and panels and apps and the constant flux would scare me. But then I'd say fukkit man and go with the flow. 

I succumb to Instagram. I stare in awe at the beautiful forest surrounding me. I am about to be attacked by a giant kitten wearing a hat. I am standing knee deep in someone's pretty caramel custard. The whole world in a minute (or until the next refresh, whichever comes sooner).

Take me to Twitter. I will run upwards, the timeline will scroll and I will read everything during my steady jog. A part of all these people lives in my phone with me. They don’t actually realize it. They are my friends, my comrades. A lot of them are idiots.

Now to the Music player. I jump on the play button and something fantastic and weird comes on. I feel the beats move through my body. Everything vibrates. I faintly hear my heartbeat, an insignificant thump in this noisy universe. The next song makes my heart breathe a sigh of relief and I pant with excitement and lie on my back, spread-eagled on the album art, and sigh with happiness as the music soars.

This year has been so very strange. 

It's been worrying and stressful and confusing and happy and exhilarating and wonderful.

I've started reading again, like I haven't since I was 10. Like pick up a book and not stop until it's over and then lookie here, here's the next book and the next and the next and oh I love it.

I’ve managed to listen to a lot of good new music.

My movie watching record still remains abysmal.

I feel like I'm magically a tad smarter than before but maybe I'm actually just a little more delusional that's all.

I don't make as many terrible jokes as before which saddens me a little.

There is a future and it doesn't look as terrible as I imagined it would.

Happy New Year guys. Be happy.