Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am Storm's sidekick.

I sit quietly at my window seat in the ladies compartment, headphones in ears, eyes closed, head leaning on the window grill. The music in my head reaches new crescendos and the wind buffets my hair in time with it. I feel like any moment a leather clad Halle Berry is going to burst into the compartment and tell me I'm the only hope for the future, before we both leap out into the unknown to battle the forces of evil. I wonder if my co-passengers have any inkling of the drama they are about to witness. But then I open my eyes and most of them are asleep with their mouths open and one is giving sidey looks to the unruly mop on my head that the wind has so carefully styled.


I saw a cocker spaniel outside office. It was fat and brown and curious and did not know how to walk in a straight line. Ooh what is this, ooh what is that. Someone needs to plot what would happen if a dog like that walked across a chessboard. Like, assign different pieces to his legs, tail etc and see what plays out. That'd be one trippy chess game.

Anyway the dog zig zagged all across the pavement, his beautiful silky feathery ears brushing the ground, sweeping up the dust gently.

I wonder if anyone has had the business idea of designing a mop which looks like a dog from the outside. The inside part will clean the floor and all. The outside will look like a happily scampering dog.

Life is.. interesting. But mainly because it's not really.


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