Monday, July 16, 2012

Deep. Deeeeep.

Life is quicksand. The people in your life are different objects in your own personal quicksand. You hold onto some and try to haul yourself out while you touch others and instantly sink. Sink deep down till the mud fills your mouth and ears and nose and poof, you're gone.

Taken frame by frame, life is excruciating. In fast forward, life is inconsequential. But we're cool and useless so we take it nice and slow. Life is grim. It is grey. We move slowly and deliberately through it in slow motion. We see our arms and legs leave streaks in the surroundings.We waddle through an invisible molasses, which isn't even sweet. Bastard molasses.

If we had to be suspended in something, it should be lemon jelly. Lemon because it'd be a nice neutral colour and we would at least feel fresh all the time, and jelly because this lovely lady makes it sound so very appealing.


Mind In A Mesh said...


Anonymous said...

very informative blog...

Kunal Kapoor said...

:) thess are some of the funniest, ironic, "pun_nish" lines I have read in a while. Blog on, me thinks !!

Punvati said...

@MIAM and Kunal- Thanks boss.

@Shiana- Yes.