Friday, July 06, 2012

Death cab for cutie

Liking something requires too much jhing bang nowadays.

If I like a few songs of some band, I don’t usually bother to find out which albums they’re from, when they were released, the detailed history of the band, or the lead singer’s sister’s real hair colour. But people refuse to accept me as a fan unless I have all this information. 

No one has any respect for the half hearted. We're people too, ok.


Someone I knew very vaguely passed away yesterday. She seemed really nice. It's a terrible thing to have happened, and I hope her friends and family get through this ok. 

A while back, someone told me about a study conducted to analyse human behaviour, which established that the average time a person spends grieving a death is 6 minutes. 

I've spent a lot of time just thinking about this preposterous little figure. 6 minutes.

Although I outraged at first, what's become increasingly and disturbingly apparent to me, with time, is that this figure might not be that preposterous after all.

People invariably have to forget and move on. They must. Obviously. But it makes me uneasy to realise that most of our lives will be reduced to one miniscule 6 minute blip in the giant sine wave of life.


kro said...

Most excellent post. One of the best yet.

Mind In A Mesh said...

Agree this is one of your best post SO FAR....

"No one has any respect for the half hearted. We're people too, ok"


U are hilarious... :D :D :D

Not commenting on the other one as much as I liked that one too... too dreary!

Punvati said...

Aare thanks yougaiz.