Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big red eyes are not always scary.

On Sunday, due to strange and awesome circumstances, I played with a big fat rabbit.

Noorie the rabbit

Rabbits shiver ALL the time. Not a bad strategy. They can make everyone think they’re paavam terrified little things while they hatch a plan to gnaw at your big toe and hop out the door.

This rabbit did neither of the above. It twitched continually and wiggled its nose and seemed rather nervous when I picked it up and started babbling at it. 

It was adorable. Its eyes were unnerving.

It’s name was Noorie.


I saw Gangs of Wasseypur yesterday and it was.. weird. 

I am singing O Womaniya on loop and causing my colleague to glare at me angrily. This is the same girl who said “OMG you went to see a movie called Gangs of Wasseypur? Why would you do that? Even the name sounds so ick.”




The rains are eluding me. It stops raining as soon as I arrive at any place and quickly resumes once I leave. I am the antithesis of The Rain God.

I want the rain. Beautiful fat drops falling mercilessly on people who scurry rapidly because it's Bombay and that's what people do, not because it's raining. A view from the window that makes the city look like it’s covered with butter paper. Puddles and thunder and clouds and a rainbow of umbrellas poking me from every side as I try to navigate through an annoyingly shrill sea of humanity wading through a sea of brown water. I’ve managed to be absent for the majority of the past six Bombay monsoons and I want it now.


Monkey Man said...

I love rabbits:) And I'm loving your blog :)

Punvati said...

So adorable. So very smelly.


Rupsa Saha said...

Hey :) love the blog. Where's the subscribe button?

Punvati said...


Added off a subscription by email option. :)