Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fatness and 30 Rock and turtles.

My life is a constant struggle between "Life is short yo, must eat everything yummy before I die" and "Damn, being thin feels so good!"

Big Loser is a really cool project. You see everyone else being all fit and showing immense amounts of willpower and you oscillate between getting inspired to exercise and eat right, and wanting to kill yourself by overconsumption of pizza.

But it's great, really. I've lost most of the post-accident weight that had made me look like a giant flesh coloured balloon and I'm back to normal fatness level. In fact, I even fulfilled my childhood dream (ok not really) of wearing a formal shirt tucked into formal pants, with a thin belt. Corp ho, bitchez!

In other news, I am madly in love with both Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, and I think Liz Lemon is the best name in the whole wide world. I wish I had named one of my turtles Lemon. What a cute name. Only everyone would make lemon juice jokes whenever he peed and no one wants to be thinking of that. 

I have also discovered that I always either have absolutely nothing to do in life, in which case I sit on my bed all weekend and stare at my turtles yawning and go "Awww", or I have way too much to do. Too many people to meet, to many things to get done.

Equitable distribution of work and awesomeness should happen but then life would be no fun.


Jen said...

I love how you make the mundane sound exciting! :D

Roopa Pavan said...

Nice blog..

Da Rodent said...

I think you should eat that pizza, wash it all down with some beers and run a 10k to compensate that. :P

pon said...

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