Thursday, April 05, 2012

Gold medal

I've been very lax with my running lately. No one is scolding me about it also. How will this ever work?

I ran yesterday, after ages. Nearing the end of my round around the building, there's a plant which has one stem growing horizontally. Always slaps against my arm when I run by it. By the end of my rounds,  I was speeding up every time I neared that plant and throwing my head back in victory. In my head I was breaking the ribbon at the end of a very long race.  I slowed down immediately after.

Doesn't take much to amuse me.


Anonymous said...

Haha..I had come to stage where i actually tweeted on twitter stating the need for a jogging partner, as i just cannot push myself after few rounds,besides missing it regularly..badly need to be regular!!Funny post :)

Punvati said...

Keep at it Chintan. It gets better.


Margaet Longly said...

I have been getting behind in my running too. You have some great little games huh?

Keep it up.

Punvati said...

Whatever works.