Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I got a haircut again because Bombay has turned into a giant sauna and there was hair everywhere and I was starting to resemble an unhappy sheepdog. But now I look like a rather sad, chubby little boy. My height, broad shoulders and giant feet don’t help matters. Maybe I should ride this phase of the hair-from-hell out by wearing baggy pants and faded black band tshirts.

I’ve used this blog for many things, to do useless tag-5-people posts, to be embarrassingly emo, as a dream diary and, for a brief period, to actually try improving my writing. It’s finally been reduced to a dozy record of not-very-important events in my life. I’m just very loath to let the blog die. I’ve abandoned too many hobbies and activities in life and out of a sense of duty itself I want to keep this 7 year old (whoa) blog alive, albeit miserable.

I’ll go practice making kissy sounds at girls now.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Gold medal

I've been very lax with my running lately. No one is scolding me about it also. How will this ever work?

I ran yesterday, after ages. Nearing the end of my round around the building, there's a plant which has one stem growing horizontally. Always slaps against my arm when I run by it. By the end of my rounds,  I was speeding up every time I neared that plant and throwing my head back in victory. In my head I was breaking the ribbon at the end of a very long race.  I slowed down immediately after.

Doesn't take much to amuse me.