Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rut a tut tut.

I ended my last post with "I will try to get myself out of this uber-cozy little rut that I've settled into."

Now that I've written that, I actually picture myself setting up home in a pothole on a road. I've put up pink curtains, there's a beautiful brown Lazyboy, there's one corner with a teeny little pond because all potholes inevitably have some water in them sometime or the other. There's a little TV which I watch when I'm not busy reading one of the books in my vast collection of which are kept in a bookshelf that line one entire side of the pothole.

Now one day a bullock cart will come by and its wheel will go right into my pothole home over there which is when everything will be in shambles and I will have to relocate and everyone knows that finding accomodation in Bombay is absolute hell. 

This right here is the reason I have to get out of the rut.

(Rut or no rut, there's certainly nothing wrong with my imagination. Also, I really like saying rut.)


Sindhu Shankar said...

Nut. :)

Anonymous said...