Monday, February 27, 2012

Mad haven.

Because my life is so hot and happening right now, I spent my weekend with my turtles. They've almost become the size of desert plates and I kept wondering how they would feel if I put them on the floor and put a dollop of ice cream on their backs. Speedwalking ice cream that snaps at me occasionally. This is like a dream I once had. In that one, I vanquished the evil desert by eating it, after eating my way through a sponge cake prison.

My sad ass fitness regime is getting to me.

I saw Jodi Breakers last night. It was the most awful thing I've seen for a long long time. Ah Madhavan... my dear sweet Madhvan. That adorable man who could not look more like a paavam South Indian boy if he tried was wearing shirts that looked like tablecloths and a preposterous tiny hat on his large chubby head and was trying to be a stud man. Cavorting with bikini clad ladies and running his hand up impossibly toned thighs. Shudder. The highlight of that movie was when he stopped trying to be a playaa and lapsed into his cute Tamil boy accent. "I don't believe in lou", he said as everyone fell in lou with him right there.

What a brain hemorrhage fest.

Why do these movies end up making obscene amounts of money while they slowly kill every remaining brain cell of the large audience that watches them? Why do these movies even get made? I barely watch Hindi movies anymore but the last one I saw that was remotely bearable was Dhobi Ghaat. It wasn't completely ridiculous. That is all. That is all I look for anymore in any Indian movie. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rut a tut tut.

I ended my last post with "I will try to get myself out of this uber-cozy little rut that I've settled into."

Now that I've written that, I actually picture myself setting up home in a pothole on a road. I've put up pink curtains, there's a beautiful brown Lazyboy, there's one corner with a teeny little pond because all potholes inevitably have some water in them sometime or the other. There's a little TV which I watch when I'm not busy reading one of the books in my vast collection of which are kept in a bookshelf that line one entire side of the pothole.

Now one day a bullock cart will come by and its wheel will go right into my pothole home over there which is when everything will be in shambles and I will have to relocate and everyone knows that finding accomodation in Bombay is absolute hell. 

This right here is the reason I have to get out of the rut.

(Rut or no rut, there's certainly nothing wrong with my imagination. Also, I really like saying rut.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Death of the performing monkey who never danced very well anyway.

I'm going to stop attempting to entertain and be my normal boring self from now. I will try to blog a bit more regularly. I will try not to blog about local trains all the time.

I've been trying very hard to be funny and witty and engaging all the time and now it's all gone. I'm burnt out. Even I don't find what I have to say remotely interesting anymore. This is why I have all but retired from Twitter. It's a shame because I've met some absolutely fantastic people there and I hope I'm still invited to hang out with them from time to time.

So enough contrived jokes and enough attention seeking. This is Step One of many following which I may eventually turn into a grey spinster lady who only talks about her cat.

I've recently taken an unhealthy interest in the stock market. Let me clarify that I don't know the first thing about investing, but I am hooked. Since I am almost penniless, I'm playing around with itty bitty bits of money that most people who do this on a regular basis would chortle at but OMG THIS IS FUN. Whenever I make a notional profit (see what big big terms I'm using!) of 5 bucks, I get thrilled. That’s one whole 5 star. FOR FREE. I found out today was a bank holiday and that meant the markets would be closed and I went into depression. I wants my Sensex. I NEED it.

After zero physical activity for the 6 months following my accident, I had bloated like a giant scarred blimp. I was recently informed that I can start running once more which absolutely thrilled me and I'm trying my best to be healthy again. I run around 4 times a week, I'm trying to up that to running everyday. I do my physiotherapy semi-regularly and I'm trying to cut down on my junk food intake. Hopefully I should be an acceptable size in a few months.

Next year I shall run the marathon. Doing that has always been on my bucket list and after the game of twister I played with that car and that truck, I thought I would never get to do that again. Sincere effort shall be made.

I will try to read more, I will try to write more and I will try to get myself out of this uber-cozy little rut that I've settled into.