Monday, January 30, 2012

One more about trains. Please excuse.

I do love Bombay. As much as I try to convince myself that I don’t.

It was so cold today. Way too cold for Bombay standards. Bombay is not behaving herself and has gone and clandestinely crawled into the walk in freezer in search of ice-cream even though her daddy didn't allow her to have any.

The train was very crowded. I managed to get a place to stand near the door. The sun was shining into my face weakly, trying to reassert its strength amidst all that cold I told you about. Women behind me were talking loudly abut their in-laws. This piece of Trent Reznor awesomeness started playing at its beautiful frantic pace on my iPod. Shuffle really gets it right sometimes. I held on to the overhead handle, closed my eyes and saw the the rapidly moving landscape cause the deep red behind my eyelids explode into a flurry of dizzying shapes and silhouettes. I had the sun as my strobe light. I was so happy.

It felt like a scene from a movie. Full intense music plays, the girl closes her eyes and has a doozy of a revelation and then she goes and tells her parents that she is moving out of home to fulfil her lifelong dream of opening a flower shop and then she meets a prince-person and gets married off while her expensive clothes billow gracefully in the breeze.

But because this is me, the train soon stopped and I stepped on the platform and a crow did its business right on my head.


Miniscule-thoughts said...

Lol! I love the way you built it up and then ended it. Classic.
If you recall how the rest of your day progressed, you would probably realize it was a good sign.

Bhargavi said...

Full Kjo effect you gave with the sun-strobe light description.. The dress has to be white chiffon, btw..