Saturday, October 01, 2011


I've developed the endearing habit of staring into space and dreaming up grisly situations wherever I am. In my own head, I am the Akshay Kumar of all things unexpected. A sudden durghatna. Shock. Horror. Need for quick thinking and quicker action. I so cool. So brave. So awesome.

It's a slight downer to realise that I shall never have the guts to do anything but scream loudly and flap my arms about if anything actually happens.

My time nowadays is divided between monotony, gruesome daydreams, castles in the air and grilled cheese sandwiches. The castles in the air are all different. Some have flags that wave gaily in the air. Some are actually situated on islands in the air by means of cool new technology, Firefly style.

All of them have sandwich makers.


Himanshu K. said...

liked ur sarcastic approach of writing.
There is a sayin ' good ideas need wings as wel as landing gears'... I hope nw v can replace that wid sandwich makers...

Punvati said...

"Good ideas need wings as well as sandwich makers." Sounds like a lot more fun, definitely.