Sunday, May 08, 2011

There's a heaven above you baby.

I’ve spent 5 years in college. It feels like a lifetime.

When I first came here, I hated it with an unhealthy passion. And then I discovered the people. Some I always disliked. Some I should have avoided to begin with. Some I got to know and like as late as the last month of college. Some, though now estranged, taught me what love and unconditional friendship were really like. And some have been my family and support group and, at times, the only reason I had to wake up every day.

College has been a place in which I could be sad with other people or sad all by myself with an option to step out and be offered a hug, a pep talk, a ridiculous dance or a joint to cheer me up. Where being different was not punished. Where I reached more new highs and lows than I thought were possible. One large comical community that gave me sympathy, understanding, arrogance, unnecessary lip and puppies in equal proportions.

My batch of 80 odd people graduated 2 days ago. Most people are staying back for a few extra days, a little more time to hold on to this dream life we've been living here. Where rules really are meant to be broken on a daily basis, where independence is abused and where relationships with people are overtly and fiercely intense.

A few people leave each day, and it feels like one large dysfunctional sugar cube immersed into a glass of water. People are going away, the real world must be returned to. After growing up and learning and loving and discovering oneself in this little bubble, it’s going to be strange.

As a good friend recently said, I will just have to take the crazy and spread it wherever I go.

Good luck to everyone.