Friday, March 18, 2011

Peek hour

It is only when you see someone's expression go from a "what the fuck are you looking at?" to a wide grin, that you realise what a clumsy transition it actually is.

First there's subdued indifference, perhaps even a little hostility. The glazed stare turns into flickering comprehension. Sudden surprise, eyes widen. And then, an actual smile. All in under a second.

Randomly smiling at mildly disgruntled strangers on the train leads to fascinating and completely useless observations.


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Lil Miss Sarcastic said...

Hah same pinch to you! Even I smile at random strangers just for the heck of it! ;)

Australopithecus said...

Heh I used to randomly burst into song on the bus, it would elicit strange responses from the chaps siting next to me. More often than not, I got the entire seat to myself.
There was one time though when the baaju waala decided to join in. much fun was had.

Jenna Thompson said...

I like it usually the other way around when you see someones smiling expression go to WTF then you have to wonder what they are thinking

smiledragon said...

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