Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The food court is my Mecca

As an intern I silently sit, staying late and working hard, hoping to answer all questions put before me, to submit said answers in record time, to find every possible authority needed to answer said questions. My googling skills are relied on and stretched to scary limits. Staggeringly heavy books from the library are pored over. Documents are typed fast, proofread, neatly spaced and justified.

Sitting in one chair for hours on end awakes in me a feeling that I have often felt over the past few years of college. That feeling of wanting to take flight and traveling to places far away, to see great and majestic things, to lose oneself in the jubilant freedom of it all.

That, I feel today as a lowly intern.

I believe the term for this is wanderlust.

Everyday, I will my seniors to require something to be printed and then graciously offer to get it from the printer. I consume copious cups of coffee because of the ten second walk to the pantry, where the coffee machine is located. The loo, of course, is a favourite destination. One need never explain why it is frequented so often.

So for those who want to dive into waterfalls, who want to bungee jump off cliffs into the breathtaking void below, who want to sing with all the voices of the mountain and paint with all the colours of the wind, this is for you.

I feel you man.


relativelytruthful said...

if this is THAT food court, please eat the cupcakes.

the sugar will fuel you you to defy the whole office, but you will be charming (or pitiable) because of the smidge of lemon cream on your upperlip.

perhaps this has happened to me. perhaps it has not.

ps, word verif is 'uptute'. do you think i am uptute?

is our marriage in trouble?

Anonymous said...

i was gonna comment 'i feel you man' reading your post halfway :D

The New Age Superhero said...

hence i quit jobs

Anonymous said...

reminds me of college days:)

asanandan said...

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