Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where I devise a new method to get free food from people.

My dreams always have erred a little on the cuckoo side. The world ups and swallows itself, people morph into other people and things, people pray to the God of unsweetened black coffee, people suddenly turn into Charlie's Angels and the laws of probability, physics and dairy products are repeatedly destroyed. Keeps life interesting.

However, the dreams I've been having for the past week have been the most disturbing of the lot. All of them consist of simple conversations with people I know and talk to on a regular basis. No fuss, no action. Just talking. About perfectly believable things at that, and in perfectly plausible settings.

Now when I wake up, I have no way of telling what people have actually told me, and what I dreamt they told me. You know something's wrong when you keep referring to conversations that never happened, to have people look at you in bewilderment. This has happened way too many times in the past few days. Now I hesitate before referring to anything at all. Highly inconvenient, this.

If I come up to you and start yakking about the latest insight you shared with me about the childhood crush you never had, don't mind me. Just hand me a cookie and send me away.


S m i t h a said...

i know exactly what you mean. at least u devised some cookies out of it instead of getting all awkward. happened to me once too many and now im a social outcast!

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Also, if you eat up all your cookies, you clear your cache.


Punvati said...

It would have been #win of you had said something like "Selling cookies will solve your cache problem"


The New Age Superhero said...

sheesh.. now i have to be a registered user to talk to you :P

soin said...

conceptually porn sites do the same.free

Bird said...

Stay warned - these dreams cause a lot of deja-vus

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

LOL@'laws of probability, physics and dairy products' and '...don't mind me. Just hand me a cookie and send me away.'

Very strange episodes. However, if you and I knew each other, we would still have completely normal conversations. I hold a sieve to the past. So if you were to walk up to me and start yapping about the latest insight I shared with you about the childhood crush I never had, I would nod in approval, and try and recall if said crush was fair and flat-chested, or short and buxom.

Punvati said...

Tsk tsk. Oh Karthik. You looked at flat-chestedness etc etc in your bachpan itself?


Now that that's out of the way, that would be quite an interesting conversation :D

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

Look?! Our sex doesn't look at these things. How insulting! We are just aware. Its sort of like how even as a child you know you have your legs without having to look and check if they are there every time you are ready to jump off the sofa. Males of our species are born with this philosophical state-of-awareness about breasts, so please don't cast aspersions on us by talking as if it had anything to do with our worldly senses.

Punvati said...

My bad :P

Gemma Louise said...

This happens to me all the time, sometimes I am truly concerned at my lack of ability to differentiate between dreams and reality. On second thought though, I'm not sure why this would be a bad thing...? Riding a whale or having a pet unicorn in real life would be truly gorgeous!

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prateek bansal said...

wat xactly is ur jodhpur mumbai connection
are u also one of the sacred breed of ppl known as ENGINEERS

Punvati said...

I live in Bombay. I study in Jodhpur. I come home for vacations. And I'm a law student :)

Why do you ask?

prateek bansal said...

i lived,studied in jodhpur ,now in mumbai for my (mba)and a part of the rat race :-(
i suppose u are in NLU grt

karthick said...

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Tasting grey.... said...

Lots of cookies up for grabs here :)

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