Saturday, September 18, 2010

The misadventures of Sly Sylvia Silver.

The woman in black paused. She glanced behind quickly to make sure she was not being tailed. This was not right, she never usually had such doubts. At one time, she was the best in the business. She was the best spy anyone had seen in a very long time. They called her Silver, after the beautiful silvery-white colour her hair had changed into, after an unfortunate incident involving a magnetic field generator and a sandwich wrapped in faulty tin-foil, that she happened to get in the way of. But she didn't mind, the name suited her just fine. Quick Silver, they said. You never know where she's going to go next. You can never see her coming. Which, for any lover of hers, was rather unfortunate.

Silver kept her back to the wall as she scanned the premises. As her very last mission, she had agreed to take on the jewelery counterfeiting case. It wasn't as glamorous as taking out an underground drug ring, but there were less chances of being killed, and Silver hoped to be able to enjoy a peaceful retirement.

As she rounded the corner, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Too late. A black figure came flying at her and pushed her off the ledge. As she was falling to the workshop floor far below, she saw she was headed for a large vat being used to melt large quantities of a metal. She shrugged. If there was any way to go, why not this.

She fell and as she landed, she smiled. And why not? She was in her element.