Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Yeah, so I went to Jaisalmer over the weekend. Good stuff. Sand dunes, camels, shopping, all that. Interesting places to see, whacked out people to meet. Stoned foreigners wearing tiger masks, vendors who tell you to add them on facebook, and shy old auto-walas who hand out posh visiting cards, all in equal proportion. On second thought maybe not so many tiger masks. I saw several Mickey Mouse ones as well. It's a quaint little place, nice enough. The following, however, just made my trip several times over, clicked by either this woman or this one. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Wattay marketing.

Wattay brand.

Ah wattay character.

Ok then. Till the next post. Till then, as the Dalai Lama would say to all you lovely people out there...

On the menu of a restaurant called Little Tibet.

P.S.- Mucho thanks to this man for help with the pumpkin heads.


St.Banger said...

sexy tees man.. inspiring :D

raghu said...


soin said...

seval mark patasugal.its onipresent..just like its eng version..and t shirts are getting gorsser..naice..and magic beesheets..absolute pwnage..free