Thursday, February 11, 2010

What would MacGyver do?

Today morning, I had a test. Hence, I thought I would get up early and study. I dutifully set an alarm for 6 am on my cellphone and fell asleep.

6 am and my alarm rings. Snooze. Rings again. Snooze.

In the depths of my barely-there consciousness, I convinced myself that there were mysterious happenings underfoot. Why else would Shipping up to Boston be played right at me very loudly every 5 minutes? Adopting a proper MacGyver style, I made it my mission to hit the snooze button as soon as the alarm rang, so as to thwart The Enemy's plan of destroying the world, which my timely action would definitely resolve. Every time I jabbed that button, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Of getting the best of someone who was trying to bring me down. I single-mindedly focused on my Very Important Mission which would serve humankind. They would thank me later for my heroic deed. Or I would die a heroes death, unlamented. Unacclaimed. Sigh...

Needless to say, my test sucked.

The really sad part? I'm not exaggerating in the least about any of this.

I need help.


Bedazzled said...

ha ha !! God bless the prof who will evaluate your paper!!.. poor soul ;-)

mentalie said...

i am impressed that you made it to the test at all, macgyver :)

Spaz Kumari said...

oh you are going to get help all right, i'm balling my hands into fists and rolling up my sleeves right this minute.

The really awesome part? I'm not exaggerating in the least about any of this.

St.Banger said...

i told you, i can be your alarm clock if you want.. i have the expertise and the experience of being the same, for the past 5 years.. i had submitted you my CV, haven't i?

Divya said...

@Bedazzled- You bet :P

@Mentalie- I should have just slept through it I say :P

@Spaz- Yes mommy. Gulp.

@Banger- No. You suck at being an alarm clock. And if I attempted to hit you on the head for snooze, I would get poked. Yeesh. :P

raghu said...

i think of the worst thing that can happen and i wake up.
haha no i dont!
lol i was damn careless before too ya.. then i was like i must wake up, no matter when i sleep. challenge type. worked for me :D