Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nonsense-aaya namaha

Once upon a time, when I was very small, very round, and very na├»ve (now I am not small, in any sense of the word. Therein lies the difference), I used to often go with my mom to her colleagues house. The grown ups would sit and discuss work, places they bought their saris from and fancy recipes, while the kids would be packed off to play together. One particular colleague had a son who I played cricket with on a regular basis. After having been to that boys house many many times and after one particularly good game of cricket, I was jubilant. On the way home, I asked my mom in a very matter-of-fact way and with full confidence: “Mom, when I grow up, I’m going to marry Nikhil na?” A highly flustered mom hummed and hawed for a while, gave me a hasty “Let’s see, let’s see, now come on hurry up” and frisked me away.

Circa 2009. Mom sees a gold bracelet she likes and asks me if I’d like something like that for myself. When I politely decline, she goes ahead anyway and says I can have it for my wedding. Ditto for any grossly expensive and blingy jewellery set or sari or pretty much anything she likes and wishes upon me. Now I humm and haw and mutter an infuriated “Be happy if I even get married” under my breath. When my mom starts off about her future son-in-law who she insists must be TamBrahm, Iyer, vegetarian, etc. etc, I give her a “Be happy if I end up with a guy instead of a girl.” That succeeds in ending the discussion right there, thankfully. Ah, how times change.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Dust bunnies will take over the world one day

During my exams I was overcome with boredom for whatever subject it was I was supposed to be studying. Also, my room was an utter and total mess. It looked like my cupboard had exploded, my bookshelf had emptied itself over that, a paper shredder had done its business over THAT and a sandstorm had passed through and left me in its wake. It wasn’t pretty. If you think I’m so bored and I feel the need to revive the blog so much that I’m going to describe how I cleaned my room... you would be absolutely right. Moving on...

I find it impossible to actually sit and fold clothes and put them away unless I summon a hapless hostel friend, perch her on one end of the bed and have her talk while I pick up clothes by the armful from the bed, hang them up or put them away. Till then they stay in a steadily growing pile on my bed and serve as an elevation for my feet whenever I sleep. For the first few exams, I thus had a multi-hued foot cushion, a pile of books, notes and loose papers on the side of the bed next to the wall, and my stuffed football perched neatly on top. All in all I might have had around 2x3 feet of actual empty space on my bed and it was getting too cold to sleep on the floor. Needless to say, something had to be done. When I started cleaning, a neighbour was present and talking me through it. She left, another one walked in. Then she left too. Bloody dedicated people. In the midst of the session of the third good samaritan (who was more than willing to talk because she did not want to start studying) was my bed actually free of excess clothing. Phew.

Then I tackled my desk. Now that was a whole new matter altogether. While my bed was, on the whole, clean with all my crumpled washed laid out in a heap on it, my desk was the curiosity shoppe from hell. I used to have to nudge several items aside and stop everything from toppling over everyday to fit my laptop onto the desk so that I could plug my internet wire into it. While cleaning it, apart from several generations of dust bunnies that had gone forth and procreated over the semester, I found 4 pairs of earrings, 3 of which did not belong to me (their owners were mighty pleased to have them back), transparent bra straps- 3 in number, several chits I had passed back and forth with people in class, the brand tags of clothes, most of which I did not own, 2 pairs of scissors, 7 novels, one music CD, 100 bucks in cash, a pair of headphones, 2 Ipods (both mine), an Ipod charger (not mine), 12 multicoloured bangles of the same set scattered delicately in different corners, 3 pens in usable and several in unusable condition, and my guitar capo which I had given up as MIA ages ago, among a lot of other junk. And scrap paper and string that invariably follows me wherever I go, of course. Wow. It took a while before I could let my laptop sit there in all its glory. (It’s purple. Regal. You get it. Or not. Bah.)

Hence I was done with procrastinating. For then. You know how it goes.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Intensive rescue moisture locking lotion.

The moisturiser in front of me says it is hypoallergenic. Someone wandered by and asked me the meaning of anthropogenic.

One comment is waiting in limbo from back in the day when I used to have comment moderation and is feebly asking me to accept or reject it. I've been being staunchly cruel for over a year now. Not all those who wander are lost, Tolkien said. It shall serve some purpose, I'm sure.

My exams are almost here. Which means I should get all tense and start studying frantically. No, really, I should. And become the irritable impatient bitch of yore who would snap at simply everyone during exam time and freak them out. Rush into the mess, grab a packet of biscuits, rush out, growl at someone who dares to bang into me and grab my books again. I can't believe I miss that person.

Labouring over labour law. Wanting to do so many things which I do not have the time for. Castles in the air that are helium light which speed away before one can dwell on them. Blog template is boring. Must spruce it up. Am full inspired by this chick who really does not need any more traffic that she's already got, but I'm linking her anyway.

Gallons of coffee are whispering out to me tantalisingly. I give in and go over to the dark side. Really, very dark with lots of sugar. Nothing else keeps me up.