Thursday, October 15, 2009

Horn OK pretty please

I love my room back home. It has one and a half bright green walls, is cool and airy, has a ginormous wardrobe and a huge bed. And it is just not me at all. Also, since I’m out of the house for 9 months a year, it has turned into a store room of sorts, accumulating random unwanted clutter that floats around my house and finally ends up in my room, like the proverbial watery grave. Random files, paper (oh so much paper), unattractive showpieces that were gifted to us, clothes that are not old or tattered enough to be properly thrown away, which languish in there with some valiant hope that they will be worn someday, like when the mood strikes someone to wear those sky blue silky bell bottoms bought in 2002 again (what WAS my mom thinking when she got me those things?) or clothes that people (read me) hope to be able to fit into again someday. Sigh.

Because I can, I’ve gone all out in my room in hostel. I’ve painted one wall, printed out a dozen carefully picked posters and put them up, put up some quirky paintings, hung up a beautiful mask I got as a birthday gift, stuck pretty postcards above my mirror. But if I could, I would go nuts in my room back home.

One wall of dark red/purple/maroon, retro pop art decorating the walls, vintage posters, psychedelic sheets, a red Lazyboy couch, a massive wooden bookshelf, wooden floors, a bamboo swing in the balcony, a flower in a mottled green wine bottle on the windowsill and my pièce de résistance that I bought only a couple of days ago, an ancient looking truck horn with a gorgeous metallic green curved body and a bright red ball-like thing you can honk on that makes the most hilarious sound ever and makes everyone who sees it laugh in incredulousness as to why I would buy such a thing, up on one wall. You MUST know what I’m talking about. It makes you want to write a song titled “Horny OK Please” as soon as you look at it.

And oh, before any of this, I would rush to remove the two lurid scary blue tubelights that my mom got installed because she thought that it would give the room a “cooling effect”. What it really does is make my room look like something out of the twilight zone or a creepy testing lab floodlit with UV light where some alien baby is being spawned. *Shudder*

Ah the urge to decorate prevails. My tiny 8x10 hostel room has no space for me to do anything more. Must restrain self. Yes mom, this is a hint. :D


Bedazzled said...

lol.. my room at mom's place has turned into an transit space for noisy , assorted relatives,slimy lizards & my own junk (and every else's as well!! ... i wish my mom cud read this comment .. i sure think my room needs could use some love !.. horny ok please ..hee hee !!

Anonymous said...

okay seriously... i need YOU in my room decorating it!


Latha Ramesh said...

Your mom has read the blog and got the message

Shall do necessary changes before you are back home

Divya said...

@Bedazzled- :D
@Ki- :P
@Mom- No! Wait for me to come!

ramsub said...

@ Divi, who's room gave you the idea to paint a wall? who led you to the horn? huh? huh?
also you have a room back home .... I have nothing... don't complain. also hehe for moms who leave snarky messages on our blogs :D

Divya said...

Yes ok Ramu, credit for THOSE two things goes to you :P
Much thanks :D

another brick in the wall said...

you're decorating my office.. but i won't let you paint the walls.. that's my job.. oh you can do the scrapping off of plaster.. thank you

Divs said...

i didn't paint my room.. but did choose the color n love it.

'm trying to convince my mom to do away with this huge table,the old computer and cot so that i can buy a bean bag (the room is small so can't put it in now..) but she won't. damn!

Joyesh said...

i painted mine too.. and it was a pain in the ass... as far as the room back home is concerned .. seriously, "no comments".... :)

phatichar said...

Heheh..liked the way your mom commented here :-)

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