Monday, October 05, 2009

Dance with me, sway with me.

So there was this Music Festival here. And it was absolutely fantabulous. It, being the second concert (perhaps third) ever of my life, it far exceeded any expectations that one might have entertained.

Yours truly being a person of the shy reticent and vanilla kind when it comes to people she cannot go and break down uncontrollably to, bouncing up and being one of the first people to start dancing in front of a thousand people because the group playing on stage was just so fabulous, now that is a feat. Going up and telling the brilliant yet shy Marwari folk artists how great they were (while everyone concentrated on the cute UK guy) and watching them get overwhelmed,  jump up while dancing and giving a lead vocalist a high five, telling him you lust after his bright gold shoes with electric pink laces, dancing with a gorgeous Rajasthani eunuch with (alas) a better figure than yours, watching stoned hippies dance gracefully in a trance, laughing with unknown foreigners at the sheer beauty of it all, dancing till I was tired enough to collapse, losing any and all inhibitions.  This was a whole new world.

Held at the so-gorgeous-it-hurts, beautifully mood-lit Mehrangarh fort, and lasting till 2 in the morning, these dazzling couple of days spent at the festival seem to have just made me utterly and completely depressed. On one hand, you forget all your work for just a little bit and live in this dream land of lights, architectural wonder, rhythm, harmonies, fusion, dreamy musicians and one perpetual high. And then one is forced to come down to reality again and despair that one will never get a job. 

Life should be one eternal music festival. I have missed out on so much by not doing this earlier.


another brick in the wall said...

one more reason why i love jodhpur

oh those high-pitch vocal harmonies were seriously killer!

and somehow i never believe you to be an introvert and a shy person.. i've always seen you as "the otherwise"

Misanthropist said...

You so make me wanna visit jodhpur.
I have only marveled at it's beauty through tv screens and books.
Life should be an eternal music festival. Really.

ramsub said...

@ Suk, completely agree with you

@ Divi who is this shy, reticent, vanilla person who seems to have taken over your blog?

Divya said...

See Ramu and Suk, you wouldn't know. That's not a bad thing really.

@misanthropist- It is a gorgeous city :)

Anonymous said...

I'm contemplating a trip to Jodhpur now :)

Bedazzled said...

me's never bin to jodhpur .. but methink me will like it .. the way u describe it !!!

agent green glass said...

life should be one long music festival. you said it better than confucius ever could.

Anonymous said...

Feel as though i'd been to Jodhpur and seen it all !

Is it due to your blog or my previous janam connection? Trying to figure out.....................

Divya said...

@Ki and Bedazzled- The music festival thing does happen just once a year so don't get your hopes up. But that apart, it is a really nice city. :)

@AGG- :D

@Anon- Let me know what you come up with :P

Hakuna Matata said...

He blushed when we adored his golden shoes with pink laces. Maybe it was all that rouge.


ya you are. life is a music concert. very good you shed light on yor inner, heattly feelings. have a nice time.

Anonymous said...

you are mad and should hang yourself.
fuck you bitch. asshole.
i hope u fail in all your exams.

another brick in the wall said...

oh ho.. someone needs attention again

Divya said...

@Hakuna- And the electric blue socks :D

@Harasimma- Thanks :)

@Anon- Yes, i love you too :D

@Brick- Hey I have trolls now. I'm getting popular, no? :D