Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This post has nothing to do with "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

When you just wake up at 8pm after a helluva long nap and the computer is just twinkling there in a surreal way in its on mode and sitting there next to you and it's all dark and you can see nothing else until you turn on the light but till then the screensaver is a big bunch of large bubbles floating away on a background of a huge yellow poster of the number forty-two and then you feel you're floating in space somewhere but of course what sort of space has bubbles in it oh perhaps its underwater but underwater wouldn't be yellow silly, and then you turn on the light and the harsh white light jars your sight for a minute, the muted yellowness of the computer lit room disappears and you realise you fell asleep in jeans and a full sleeved tshirt in this bloomin' hot weather, is that asininine or what, oh dear I just misspelt asinine in the most juvenile way possible, and you also realise that the line "picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies" is stuck in your head and for some reason you can only think of purple marmalade and wonder what that would be.. perhaps grape marmalade.. but with grape skin in it, that just sounds weird but that's maybe because you hate it when grape skin gets into freshly made grape juice, fresh grape juice dries out my mouth anyway, and maybe orange is the best kind of marmalade to have after all, and then after analysing marmalade in your head you gaze at your screen with limp arms and heavy eyes which are protesting at being subjected to too much light and thinking you must go drink water before you collapse of dehydration (note to self: stop exaggerating) where seeming nonsense has been typed out not very consciously and think that this post seems even more disoriented than this morning when you spilt scalding tea on someone and then your breakfast on someone else because you were walking around with your head in god-knows-which continent while your feet carried you somewhere else, thankfully not into a wall face-first because that might have been slightly less pleasant.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh the pictures have all been washed in black

On paper, I probably sound like an ultra goth chick who wears black leather, has matted dreadlocks and spends her time lounging in biker bars. Or so a friend of mine proclaimed. I don't even know if such people exist in India really. Why though? I have 5 piercings and a recently acquired tattoo. Go on, tell me you didn't all just draw a collective gasp. Ok, now that everyone has formed a nice scary image of me in the minds due to the help provided above, let me assure you that I am a relatively normal vanilla looking person. Really. Chocolate, if you want to take into account my darkish skin. OHKAY anyway...

The news of my tattoo has been floating on the college grapevine and causing no dearth of excitement, since it's not really very common here, as has the news of a tattoo which another boy in my college has got. Now the existence of this boy in my college was revealed to me only when I overheard the news of his tattoo, and it was probably vice versa for him. A guy friend of mine graciously let me know that he had informed his entire hostel about the fact that I had got a tattoo and now all the boys there now worshipped me and thought I was a smoking hot goddess, but I was second in line to previously-referred-to other boy. Guys are weird.. Go figure :P

Since me and other tattooed boy have had zilch interaction before, I didn't think I could very well march up to him and ask him to pull up his sleeve and show me his tattoo, me being so curious and all. And I really didn't think I could make an exchange offer out of it either because.. well just because... use your imaginations. (Not too much mind you. Yes, I think that's more than sufficient. You can stop now :P) So yesterday, the uber curious and currently tattoo-obsessed me was delighted to see that he was wearing a sleeveless tee in the mess, albeit facing away from me so I could see nothing more than a couple of black squiggles on his arm. So I went over to the other direction and pretended to intently study the mess menu board while all the while trying to peek at his arm. While staunchly ignoring the prices of jeera aloo and handi chicken, I noticed that he had now conveniently turned and was facing the direction I had come from. So I retraced my steps and made a huge show of peering into the dining hall to find an imaginary friend I just HAD to talk to. But by this time, said tattooed boy was shooting me strange why-are-you-acting-so-deranged-you-crazy-woman looks, so I quickly beat a hasty retreat without having satisfied my curiosity after all.

Oh dear, now I sound like a crazy leather wearing gothic stalker lady. Eh it's still my blog. Eat my shorts, all ye judgmentals :D

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Post #148

No I can't think of a nice title for the post. So sue me. Anyway...

I am sitting on the bed and listening to "Where is my mind" by the Pixies and the BRILLIANT lead guitar is stuck firmly in my head, mingled with the sound of a cigarette lighter clicking on and off continuously in a rhythm and it's forming one weird as hell remix in my head.

A song stuck in your head is apparently called an earworm. Now to my super visual imagination, I can picture a babel fish-like creature which thrives off the brainwaves containing the strains of the song and grows fatter and fatter till it dies of overkill and it eventually replaced by another baby earworm which then suffers the same fate since a song in my head can get unstuck only by inducing another one to get stuck there instead.

I'm back to college after the vacations and I was really looking forward to it. All my juniors looked at me in horror when I said I was waiting to come back and they did their whole "Naheee.. home is the bestest place in the entire world and college is an infliction upon us that 5 years of purgatory will cure." I was that way too once upon a time. Things just happen in college all the time. There are simply so many things to do. After a month of sitting on one's steadily bloating ass and staring gloomily at the television/computer/wall because all your friends are working/studying for exams/attending college instead of meeting you (which is one of the main attractions of coming home in the first place), you just want to DO something. And there's no shortage of that in college. It even gets a bit much sometimes. Also, there's always full on drama all the time. People around you behave as though they are in one big soap opera which is too juicy to not observe. If people are not hooking up, they are breaking up. If they are not breaking up, they are cheating on each other. Ex boyfriend slaps new boyfriend while girlfriend unhappily intervenes. 10 girls gang up on one and yell at her for offending one of their friends. Kleptomaniacs are caught, juniors are ragged, games are played around you and with you. When you're involved, it's not always fun. But it might just be better than mind numbing boredom that arises out of continuous nothingness. Ok it's not. But it's something to do nonetheless.

A friend who is famous for saying the most fantastically insane things without meaning to has already made me rejoice to be back in college and it's been just two days. When she was recounting a story about how some crows were fighting in mid air and she threw a biscuit at them, she popped out this little gem: "Dude the crows just pounced on the biscuit in mid air. It was like Tom Cruise, only it was a crow!" Another time, she remarked on the women who used to keep a maun vrath in the olden days: "If women kept maun vrath, people poured water on their heads. So not only must one be completely silent, one must be silent while water is copiously being poured on their heads. Raw deal man.. what nonsense." On commenting on how boys seem to take pride in giving their girlfriends hickeys, she says "What our necks are Taj Mahals or what that any boy can come and write his love story there?" While bemoaning the lack of any decent guys in college capable of giving us any sort of action she came up with "We might just have to turn lesbians out of necessity. And then we can tell all the guys out there who want us 'IN YOUR FACE... only.. we're NOT!'" And she tops this all off by saying "I am in your room. That means your room is now filled with awesomeness. Consider yourself blessed. I really must sleep, mustn't I?"Ah Dibba, (Divya Srikanth, just for Google's sake) keep it up. We shall keep chronicling this in the name of public interest. Yes, you're most welcome. :D

All hail college life. Now let's hope we get out alive.