Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've said it before. Talking nonsense is one of the most glorious things a person can do. With a person who understands that it's utter nonsense and participates fully with that spirit, of course. But of course, once in a while, we encounter some brilliant people who think all of it is beneath them and seek to enlighten us about the same.

A classic example is seen when I was having a conversation with A , regarding our friendly hostel ghost that us girls summoned when bored to tears during a blackout. A seance was duly conducted, makeshift ouija board made, mood lighting given with candle stumps and viola!

His name is Rameshwar. Affectionately called Ramu. He was habituated to living in an empty room on the ground floor of the hostel but when someone moved into that room, he was in a quandry.

Now me and A were sitting and discussing the particular predicament. We wondered if Ramu visited the girl who occupied his old room and whether she enjoyed his company. Whether she even knew if Ramu visited his old room from time to time and what those two were upto when she mysteriously disappeared into her room at odd times. About where he would now live. We concluded that he had now shifted to the empty room containing the communal fridge. We congratulated ourselves on single (double?) handedly solving the mystery of the missing chocolates from said fridge.

We were in the throes of discussing whether Ramu actually ate the chocolates or gave them to visiting spooks when a voice piped up. It was self assured. It was overconfident. It spoke with an air of pitying us fools to whom such obvious wisdom had to be imparted. It said, "Uhh guys... You know... There's no such thing as ghosts."


It's people like this we should stay far far away from.


Hakuna Matata said...

Oh! When u guys used to mention Ramu in conversation, I swear, to this date, I thought you meant Ramsub :D :D :D

another brick in the wall said...

ramu learns to write vaali ramu?

Adhirath said...

he he...i remember that one! Somehow this feels like my first step to stardom, people mentioning me in their blogs ;)

and yes, i DO remember the "uh guys, there's no such thing as ghosts"..how pissed were we!!

its really annoying at times when people miss the whole point of the conversation (like hello! its just for some nonsensical fun...but noooo they must act smart and ruin the moment!)....sigh it is!

btw.....maybe Rameshwar will be pleased by all this...he might like the fact that you're (literally) immortalizing him ;)

ambiecka said...

i can blog abt what ramu does in the room!!! :P MY CLAIM TO FAME :D

blunt edges said...

lol...talk abt spoilers...4 every 5 crazy ppl, ders surely 1 spoiler ;)
blog-hopped here...n m glad i did...u'll see me around :)

indiegurl said...

I just wanted to put on record that i guessed who this person was correctly. In one go. Me, the pathetic guesser.

Which means, of course, that you should pray fervently he/she never comes across your blog. :D

ramsub said...

what is it I who said it? (it sounds horridly like something I'd say and deflate an entire conversation)

if I did and offended anyone, including my namesake ghost I appologise.

and btw Sindhu if anyone ever mentions Ramu and Chocolates and missing in the same breath you can be pretty sure they're talking about me, so I guess easy mistake to make.

Divya said...

What ya Ramsub.. I wouldn't say that you're the kind of person to stay away from!

See the phrasing of the offending sentence, you will totally get who it is :P

The Hoverer said...

i am going to sue u for violation of copyright or whatever there is that u sue ppl for not giving you credit.... i was part of that conversation with A ..... blah !!!

Divya said...

Must have been a different conversation hoverer. This was just me and A and the annoying person.

Divya said...

Rather, me, A and the Ghostbuster :D

Hakuna Matata said...

Divya, if he/she guesses, the blames on u for that sentence framing :P