Monday, May 11, 2009

Panic.. please!

Recently, I was given a birthday gift in the shape of a beer mug with a green planet sticking its toungue out at me painted on it, with the words "Don't Panic" written beneath it in big friendly letters. The timing wished it, and the person who gave it to wished it even more. Hence, I used the mug to drink coffee. Gallons and gallons of eyeball-poppingly strong black coffee everyday durng my exams, to help me stay up and study. Seems I took the big friendly letters to heart.

Never before have I been so relaxed while studying. And it wasn't a good way, mind you. The end of every semester usually sees me fervently poring over my books, snapping at people who disturb me, wandering around muttering under my breath and basically managing to look utterly and completely deranged. Yes, I panic. But this time, noo... I was lounging in my room as though giving the paper the next day was an option that was left to my fabulous self to decide. Studying the material as though it was some light reading that I was perusing to fill the time in between photo shoots. I had myself pausing in between mugs of coffee to wonder- "Hmm.. I'm not that worried.. should I worry about THAT?" Damn you, pretty beer mug.

Another thing that was new in the whole latest exam experience. Hallucinations Inc. Now daydreaming during exams is something every normal person does. So is briefly napping in between answers. But a girl who has had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, sleeping whilst in the middle of a sentence and writing gibberish until she wakes up and realises she's written "The whole human genome is expressed because dah-ling, that's not a very common occurrence, you see", not that normal. Mildly worrying in fact. Canceling aforementioned sentence after looking at in in bemusement for 3 minutes, then proceeding to hallucinate fictional characters spouting super witty monologues while wishing they would speak slower so she could note it down yet regretfully realising that she can't do so anyway because she's supposed to be writing her exam- no, definitely not normal. Very worrying. Needless to say, the exam was a disaster of Vesuvian proportions.

Don't Panic indeed. Hmph.


Ghost Rider said...

Wow! it HAS to be an overdose of caffeine!

another brick in the wall said...

hahaha.. now THIS i can visualise you doing somehow :D

indiegurl said...

your one exam went kharaab. baaki is just the nautanki of a topper-type-person.

and i happen to know how you stayed up all night for EVERY EXAM. i slept by 1 every night.

what all this drama eh? EH? :D


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the hoverer said...

you know it works both ways the dont panic only applies when the answer is 42 which unfortunately doesnt work for our type of exams

Divya said...

@ghost rider- I don't think it was the caffeine really :P

@Brick- oh very nice.. Ill take that as a compliment.

@Indiegurl- ah what delusions... No comments on the substantive portion of the comment but as fr the word verification, yeah it seems apparent that JS wants me to relax :P

@hoverer- yeah in our exams, we know the questions but wonder about the answers.. Slightly different yes :D

Anonymous said...

I had a day dreaming experience during one of my test papers. Result was, I didn't write anything for the test paper!
Good Blog. Will surely visit again :-)

Divya said...

@Ramya- Thankoo :D

Divs said...

:D I used to snap at people too.. till my 5th semester.Panic! don't even ask!!

nobody gifted me any beer mug.. but heck! I think i got fed up of it n said.. I don't care..

lol ing at your sentence.. waise hi chodna tha na.. one extra sentence ban jaata.. to fill up space.. :P

Divya said...

@Divs- yeah right.. And explain to the prof later as to which dah-ling I was talking about? :P

What happened after your 5th sem then, that you magically became the jovial exam giver? :D which sem are you in anyway? And where?

Abhu said...

Hey! This SO happens to me also. In the 3 hrs long paper i have 30 thoughts dancing in my head which have absolutely nuthn to do with the exam :P

Divs said...

I am no more in college! :(

I work for the company that ulhas works for too ;)

what happened after 5th sem? Nothing got bored of trying to study. So i stopped trying! :P

Divya said...

Ah.. Bet you don't complain about the place half as much :P

Vedang said...

i wonder what would have happened if you had used the beer mug to, well, drink beer. :)

Divya said...

Let's say I'd be a whole lot funnier. :P

Mumbai Diva said...

you have a great blog :)