Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The TV Guide to the Galaxy

When life is boring, we want excitement. When we get excitement, we want some more. When excitement turns into drama, life turns into a soap opera. Now no one wants that. It just seems a lot cooler to be living in a soap opera. Before you're amidst all the thundering background music, big bindis, crying heroines and bitchy vamps of course. Only then we tadpo to have the boring old reality show back.

Now I would like to be living in a perpetual episode of Full House. Everyone is always all happy happy. Or maybe Small Wonder. Then I would have all the cool robotic abilities.

Pah. I know. Life should be one big chapter of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. There's space, depressed robots, planets being destroyed and annoying talking computers. Who's with me?
Disclaimer: Tea does not exist in such a life. Now choose wisely.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Think Pink

Sights and sounds seen around the beautiful city of Bombay... Well, whatever complaints people may have about this place, be it about the traffic, the humidity, the innumerable eunuchs, no one can say this Bombay is not supremely entertaining. The things are enough to make one laugh out loud, and then some. And one needn't even keep one's eyes peeled for the same. Here are two doozies I happened to witness in the last few days. God bless camera phones.

Exhibit A

Lady, did a drunk pack of candyfloss throw up all over you? Or are you simply campaign manager for "Barbie for President"?Or perhaps it's to perpetuate the Bubblegum look. Whatever it is, thank you! You made a dreary Monday morning on the way to work a whole lot more fun. :D

Exhibit B

It looks like Axe is launching a new range of car perfumes. Move over AmbiPure Car... Now not only do people want their car smelling fresh and floral, they now want it to be a babe magnet. Looks like this car was on the way back from filming the commercial. Ok but jokes apart, though it kills me to say that, WHY would someone do this to their vehicle? Anyone?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Selfishly exhausted by the green canoodling bubbles.

We must exist for ourselves and ourselves alone. People and things exist just to make us happy. Us, and us alone. If they don't, hey be selfish, out they go. When you feel happy because of something you have done, nothing can be better than that. Better than anyone doing something for you, which is unlikely in the first place. Others are selfish. Live with that belief and not only will you be content, you're likely to be greatly surprised several times in life.

The pleasure of exhaustion is sweet. Masochistic as that sounds, the feeling of being dead beat voluntarily, of feeling absolutely worn out physically can give one a real high.

The word bubble is one of THE cutest words in the English Language. Say it with me and you'll see it. Bubble. Bub-ble. BUBB-LE. Those who saw the inherent cuteness, you're my kinda folk. Mosey on over to the comments section and give me a big ol’ high-five! :D

The colour green is quite soothing. Even dhinchaak fluorescent green that initially makes you feel like a plant when you're surrounded by the colour. Like hotels always say location, location, location; with colours, it's all about lighting, lighting, lighting. Yes. That, my friend was pointless. You did not miss some deeper meaning that was supposedly intended.

The word canoodle is another fascinatingly cute word. I can't help but picture two giant strands of spaghetti making out with each other whenever I hear the word. And I adore using it in sentences. Even when absolutely not required.

Recently, a Gilmore Girls fan told me that the series insists that the cutest sentence in the world is "Oye with the poodles". Hey, who am I to dispute the veracity of Gilmore Girls. Me and said GG fan came up with the new and improved cutest sentence in the world. Behold- "Oye with the poodles canoodling in the bubble". It rock-eth! :D

Blogging when you’re bouncing off the bright green walls for no apparent reason leads to a stream of consciousness that looks something like the above. For purposes of study alone, it shall not be deleted but exposed to the public for the forthcoming important observations.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Panic.. please!

Recently, I was given a birthday gift in the shape of a beer mug with a green planet sticking its toungue out at me painted on it, with the words "Don't Panic" written beneath it in big friendly letters. The timing wished it, and the person who gave it to wished it even more. Hence, I used the mug to drink coffee. Gallons and gallons of eyeball-poppingly strong black coffee everyday durng my exams, to help me stay up and study. Seems I took the big friendly letters to heart.

Never before have I been so relaxed while studying. And it wasn't a good way, mind you. The end of every semester usually sees me fervently poring over my books, snapping at people who disturb me, wandering around muttering under my breath and basically managing to look utterly and completely deranged. Yes, I panic. But this time, noo... I was lounging in my room as though giving the paper the next day was an option that was left to my fabulous self to decide. Studying the material as though it was some light reading that I was perusing to fill the time in between photo shoots. I had myself pausing in between mugs of coffee to wonder- "Hmm.. I'm not that worried.. should I worry about THAT?" Damn you, pretty beer mug.

Another thing that was new in the whole latest exam experience. Hallucinations Inc. Now daydreaming during exams is something every normal person does. So is briefly napping in between answers. But a girl who has had 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, sleeping whilst in the middle of a sentence and writing gibberish until she wakes up and realises she's written "The whole human genome is expressed because dah-ling, that's not a very common occurrence, you see", not that normal. Mildly worrying in fact. Canceling aforementioned sentence after looking at in in bemusement for 3 minutes, then proceeding to hallucinate fictional characters spouting super witty monologues while wishing they would speak slower so she could note it down yet regretfully realising that she can't do so anyway because she's supposed to be writing her exam- no, definitely not normal. Very worrying. Needless to say, the exam was a disaster of Vesuvian proportions.

Don't Panic indeed. Hmph.