Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I insist...

I'm the sort who has extremely random cravings. (Yes Dibba, random, so there). Sitting in the middle of a boring class on administrative law, I'll turn to the person sitting next to me and say, with an earnest yet deadpan look on my face, something like "I want spaghetti in arabietta sauce with jalapenos, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, sprinkled liberally with parmesan, and I want it NOW". It's not like I do this just for the reactions I get from people, though it is a pretty good incentive. For people who don't know me too well, the reaction is one of incredulousness. For the regulars, they know what to do. They say "Yes yes... tomorrow for sure" and carry on with what they're doing. So now, instead of studying for an extremely annoying mid-term, I want:

  1. My very own miniature Captain Jack Sparrow on a hamster exercise wheel, for the oh-so-adorable way he runs.
  2. My own Faraway Tree.
  3. To be transplanted into Dilbert-land
  4. To resurrect Douglas Adams from his grave and brainstorm about pigeons and Bombay local trains with him and have him incorporate the sheer nonsense of said topics into his books.
  5. To be able to read at the speed Viki does (cute robot from Small Wonder, remember?). This, only because I have said shitty exam tomorrow for which I am stubbornly refusing to study.
  6. French toast.
I really must not blog when I'm bored.


raghu said...

we just formed the three musketeers in my college.. we crack the most ridiculous pjs..
erm.. i should not read blogs when im sleepy :P
if u think wishing you luck increases ur chances of doing well in ur xams.. u can have some :P

Ghost Rider said...

Well I would say the easiest among those is the french toast ;-). You are demanding! :-) he he.

another brick in the wall said...

yes yes.. tomorrow for sure :P

indiegurl said...

1. i know pasta thingy! *empathy is coming*

2. do you REALLY want to be transported to dilbert land?? despite that fact that it is an exaggerated parody of a twisted, dystopian universe? Exactly like this university? :)

3. i want a jack sparrow too. but full-sized. for... ahem assorted purposes.

4. with respect to my lengthy deliberation on the abuse of word 'random', you will be pleasantly surprised to note that your cravings ARE truly random; so the link to my post was slightly unnecessary. :) but anyway, paraphrasing douglas adams badly - so long and thanks for all the new readership ;)

the hoverer said...

tomorrow tomorrow

Hakuna Matata said...

I'm sniggering coz 'I Want ____.NOW!' totally reminds me of someone else. I suppose Dibba would guess.

Hennyways, if and when you resurrect D.A. , I wanna ask him where I can find Zaphod Beeblerox. As Dibbs might go, him "I lowes I lowes I lowes!"

Divya said...

@Raghu- Im enough to take on the three of you man.. tell him people!

@Ghost Rider- Indeed.. and stubborn too :P Not that I would sulk for too long if I didn't get the mini jack sparrow but yeah :P

@Brick and Hoverer- Hmph.

@indiegurl- Point 2- Well when you put it that-a-way... Umm..
Point 3- You can have him for such things.. call me when he is talking or running. :D
Point 4- Considering my abysmal readership, joy be with you on that one :P

@Hakuna- Who? who? who?