Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ramsub

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It's Ramsub's birthday today (Soumya Ramasubramaniam, just for Google). And I wondered what to give her as a birthday gift. I remarked idly to Dibba dear that it was so darn easy for some people to give nice thoughtful personalised gifts; they can just paint something super-fab and very relevant and tadaa! Done and done. Then I was told to do something that I was good at. Which according to Dibba was to crack one enormous sasta in Ramsub's honour. Thank you, thank you. Now noone can complain that my sad jokes are not simply delightful because apparently people now want them made to order on their birthdays. But I digress... Hence this post is dedicated to Ramsub and some of her quirks, with a few sastas thrown in for good measure, being aided by Dibba and with a sparkly header made by Sindhu. Stingy gift? Maybe. But I didn't feel like doing the whole pretty top and earrings thing. (And for those who do not understand the inside jokes, well maybe that's why they are called inside jokes.)

Ramsub. The should-be poster girl for Johnny Walker. The girl that converted our hallowed hallways from the generation of the walk-man to that of the run-woman. The girl who has probably made most use of her Ipod than all of us put together. The one who will stare at you sinisterly before running at you full speed and scaring the living daylights out of you if it's your first time witnessing this (We call this the EYE-Pod phenomenon). The one who charges, staring wildly, at full pelt in your direction when you're only out for your innocent 2am pee (we call this the EYE-almost-peed-right-there phenomenon).The one who's usually deaf to her surroundings and who you MUST gesticulate at wildly for two minutes to catch her attention and then leap awkwardly aside while she ignores you and stampedes away to glory. The one because of whom, our corridor has developed its own unique traffic system, complete with smooth lane changes and all. The one because of whom all of us firmly believe that no corridor is worth its salt (or floor-tiles?) unless there's a crazy wide-eyed woman running up and down it while swearing to herself and occasionally shouting death threats to the walls or to innocent bystanders.

The tamilian whose name gives the impression that she knows more Tamil than she actually does. The one with the regular influx of oh-so-yummy curd rice and avakai pickle. The one who gets overjoyed when she finds someone who matches her fantabulous stats. ;) The one who seems to know everything without actually studying for she's always always striding in the corridor with blasting music while we're cramming away a day before any exam. The one who's considered hot property among the PG's. The one who will say something super-intelligent and then follow that up with a duh moment to top all duh moments. The one who can wear a solid inch of kajal on each eye and look pretty without looking like a startled raccoon. The one who we worry about because of her uncontrollable coke addiction. (Before anyone calls rehab, it can also be called a pepsi addiction so just call the dentist.) The one who probably doesn't know how much she intimidates a lot of people. The one who should have started blogging a very long time ago. And of course, the one I should have interacted with more a long time ago.

So Ramsub, may you fall into the hairy arms of your favourite dimpled Deol and blow glass with him. May you end up in a super-cool profession like being an art critic.(No? You tell me then.) May lizards run from your demented stare and pigeons flee as you race toward them (hopefully out the door and not right into the ceiling fan). May you end up with a hairstyle that you're finally content with. May your life be one perpetual sugar high. May you go through life not spending the most in a group of people you're with. May you, one day, understand perverted jokes in their true sense and be as amused at them as you are with the G rated ones you infer (Dibba's dad's name=MC^2, remember?). May your blog prosper and have many more posts, snarky or not, and comments of course from the innumerable anonymous admirers. May you one day have that perfect acerbic conversation with your dhobi that you so want.

Oh... And have a brilliant day :) Happy birthday.


another brick in the wall said...

hahahahahha.. you're crazy and this is a crazy post :D.. walk-man to run-woman!!! motherofgod!!!!

man.. and there were so many "eyes" there.. surprisingly.. no eye of the tiger though :P.. yeah.. lame.. sorry

i travelled safely, un-abused in that corridor :P

Ghost Rider said...

A pen set! That will be quaint :-) he he

indiegurl said...

EYE am dee-lighted at the results of our brainstorm!

this is, if i may say so myself..ahem..

HAWT. =)

Anonymous said...

What a super duper b'day msg to Ramsub! Me too wishes Ramsub happy b'day!

ramsub said...

Thank You Guys so Much for this most awesome birthday gift. I am humbled and madly in love with you guys ;D To be thought blogworthy (sniff*, wipes tear away). I would have thanked you earlier but I have been reeling from other (oh yeah! there was more!) various acts of awesomness. This Birthday is pretyy much going down in history as the greatest one (anyone has had) ever. Love you guys so Much.