Monday, February 23, 2009

Say goodbye, don't follow

1) Thou shalt not do anything thou wouldn’t want another to do. (You then lose the right to complain, and we all know how important that is.)

2) Thou shalt learn to live in the inside of thy head. (It might be the house of horrors in there but it’s the safest you’ll ever be. I think.)

3) Thou shalt grin and bear it. (Take acting classes if you have to but do NOT screw this one up.)

4) Breathe. (Important, this.)

5) Thou shalt not succumb to the powers of thinking too much. (Somehow, this and point 2 can coexist. Make it work.)

6) Thou shalt lie and thou shalt lie well.

7) Thou shalt not be clichéd. (It’s been done.)


ambiecka said...

if there be pain in thy heart thou shalt turn to three D's
Dev D

calvin said...
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another brick in the wall said...


Hakuna Matata said...

You know who this is dedicated to, res ipsa... 'Thou shalt kill but not with thy sastas.'

Divya said...

If i was feeling even a tad funny while writing this I'd have called it "the 7 habits of highly neurotic people" hakuna.. there's sasta for u :P

xanindia said...

LOL. A modern commandment which is worthy to follow. This enumerates practical thinking.