Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just give us our cheese.

Our pristine little residential college set a convenient 10 km or more away from the main city is a wonder. It's an isolated sociological experiment in itself with us as little lab rats running around sniffing curiously and running in and out of tunnels.

Rules of the outside world are obsolete in our new and improved civilisation. Relationships run into the extreme, be it of any sort. Friendship is a whole new ball game. You spend 24 hours with your friends (14 if you're of different sexes), talk in a different way you would otherwise, talk more than you would otherwise in a shorter span of time. You’re more affectionate than you would normally be, trust faster than you normally would, change friends more rapidly before you find those you’re most comfortable with. Romantic relationships are even more interesting to observe. One is with one's respective better half all the time, on the phone or chatting if not together, talking too much, and going out too much. And then more likely than not, it ends. And then the drama that follows is again, a sight to see. Theatrics are common in such situations anywhere, but being in such close proximity with one's now-worse half (there are only 500 people in the place, it's kinda hard to avoid people in here) is probably more traumatising than in other places when what they usually show in the movies consists of people storming out with tears and smudged make-up and swearing to stay as far away as humanly possible. But here, see the other everyday, probably even see them coochie-cooing with girlfriend or boyfriend #2 or more. All wreaking havoc with our delicate bewildered minds.

We get a taste of what normal life and civilisation is like when we are released from this place briefly every vacation. But that's almost cruelty, a test to see how we manage to survive in that world after the soap-opera-ish magnification of this one; for it is magnified- emotions, feelings, outbursts, thoughts, experiences, affection, all of it. And then we're taken back into the safe environment that we have grown so used to. One wonders then what will happen at the end of college life when we will never come back like we always do now. How will we survive out there after most have experienced most new things back in college for the first time? Most people have their first relationship in college, for example. How is one to behave outside, when you're not perpetually with the person, when a date does not qualify as leaving each other for half an hour to change clothes and then going out?

They're watching us, I tell you. Nurturing us, to see us die a slow death when they're ready to let us go.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Say goodbye, don't follow

1) Thou shalt not do anything thou wouldn’t want another to do. (You then lose the right to complain, and we all know how important that is.)

2) Thou shalt learn to live in the inside of thy head. (It might be the house of horrors in there but it’s the safest you’ll ever be. I think.)

3) Thou shalt grin and bear it. (Take acting classes if you have to but do NOT screw this one up.)

4) Breathe. (Important, this.)

5) Thou shalt not succumb to the powers of thinking too much. (Somehow, this and point 2 can coexist. Make it work.)

6) Thou shalt lie and thou shalt lie well.

7) Thou shalt not be clich├ęd. (It’s been done.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Something's in the air for sure... nitrous oxide would be my guess

Getting an anonymous rose from some obviously anonymous individual.


Getting a box of Godiva assorted chocolates hand-delivered all the way from Miami, just for you.


A guy giving you a rose at a Valentine’s day party and you thinking it’s so nice of him that you take off your stilettos so that you’re not towering over him, enabling him to dance with you without you inadvertently making him acquire some sort of complex.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

The beat of dozens of speakers blasting music in the distant background. The strains of a didgeridoo adding its nasal twang, creating a heady mixture of sounds. Neon lights all around, constantly changing in different patterns. A full moon in a clear starry sky.

You’re strapped into a metal ball attached to a giant rubber band. You await the moment with trepidation, staring up at the moon and then concentrating on one lone star in the sky. And then out of the blue, you’re on your way towards that star. At like a million miles an hour, you shoot up into the air, stop abruptly, turn round and round crazily. The moon spins around you like a crazed fly and all the neon lights reflected in the water of the river next to you create a dizzying effect. And then you stop… at 200 feet in the air and descend slooowly, checking out the sights on the way…

Reverse bungee jumping at 1 in the morning… A truly psychedelic experience.