Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ati Sundar

A new character to add to the nonsense that is my life.. Here's introducing S!

Me: Why the long hair? Don’t you think it looks very hippie-ish?

S: That’s the whole point...

Me: So u want to look like a person who drinks a lot and dances naked around fires...?

S: I want to be that person... Unfortunately can't do that .. so the least I can do is look like one.

Me: Why cant you do that? Don’t let society stop you man.. You dance as much as you want… You already drink a lot anyway…

S: When I dance naked, people throw stones…

Me: If you keep doing it, they might get used to it and throw a few coins at you instead… Alternative income even... See, shyness is never the answer.

S: I’m not shy ... Just don’t want my boys to get hurt by the stone throwing.

Me: Never heard of dodge ball? Thats training given during school days for wannabe hippies like you… Helps protect the boys as you say.

S: Didn’t play it. Was always lazy. Used to drink milkshake and sleep then. Drink beer and sleep now.

Me: Well mankind is better off without a naked you... all for the best then.


another brick in the wall said...


so hippies dance naked around fires.. where did u get that from div? :P

Swayam said...

that completely cracked me up... dum maro dum... dont let the shyness get u... women empowerment... btw one questions... shouldnt then the bikini babes be the new age hippies??

Divya said...

@Brick- a lil birdie told me :P pretty-boy is funny :D

@Swayam- hehehe me too :P well if they dance with bikinis around fires then it goes against one of the main requirements doesnt it :P

the hoverer said...

DANCE NAKED AROUND FIRES ????? that lil birdie of urs is one lil perv... seriously why wud any guy dance around a fire naked hippie even ?? dont really get the point.... guess one has to be drunk to understand... get high and enjoy anyway woooooo