Friday, November 14, 2008

Things change

There was a point of time during which several people thought that I was the most mushy person in existence. And hey, I agreed… I would be nostalgic to the point of swooning, romantic to the point of being slapped by people, and verbose to the extent of getting a parched throat.

There was a point of time, during which K was the most wooden person in existence. He would cough at any sign of affection. He would mock any fragment of sentimentality. He would laugh at my romanticism and as for nostalgia... Well let’s say he has a memory that would put a goldfish to shame, so that’s out of the question for sure…

And now?

K is so mushy, he’s trying to perfect the art of being a modern day Shakespeare. He spouts such sweet mushy stuff that I hold my head and try to comprehend it without falling off my chair. He talks in such an abstract manner that I get an aneurism from attempting to comprehend it all. He is so quixotic that one hopes that his girl is from the Victorian era, so that she may reply in tandem with him. His chats are so prosaic that I stare at the screen for 6 minutes and blink rapidly till I can reply.

And as for me… I am anti-mush and to the point. I want to get rid of nostalgia, me and my freakishly good memory for the mundane. Non sentimentality is my goal and needless to say, I’m not prosaic anymore.

Things change huh...