Thursday, September 11, 2008


Shapes and colours
Music and lights
Swinging around
Floating about
Dancing and laughing
We all played.

"We tried it" they said,
Laughing out loud
Surprising us all.
"That's something new...
Hey, let's try it too!"

So off we went in a haze
And then it began
Though it wasn't really part of the plan.

Pitch black it was
It started off small
Went on and on
Bigger than before
Stumbling and falling
We did not stop.

To new heights it went
But then we said
"Let's quit now while we're ahead."
Then we sat, overwhelmed by it all
"That was interesting and sure was a ball."

Don't cry now, you're not undone
Was some experience, 
Now let us keep mum.


another brick in the wall said...

People under the sun
Come and they go
Living a life
They all say they know

Unknown hands
Hold them close
Tie a knot
Before you let go

Fragile as a whisper
Then it blows away
Dreams - useless scribbles
Erase them away

All these words
Forever they stay
Death it comes
Carrying forever away

Under the sun
We swam together
Pride and ignorance
We breathed together

Then the moment, it came,
We lost our sun
Tired old hands
We all became one

raghu said...

there was a time when i used to write poems which were just dryly sarcastic.. i never liked thme though

Virus© said...

Now is there any connection with the September 11 incident?

You've both published one on the day.

another brick in the wall said...

virus.. no! personal "disasters" can also happen on that day :P

Divya said...

Hey a friend of mine has her bday on Sept 11.. doesnt mean she was destined to support osama na :P

another brick in the wall said...

perhaps her birth was part of a conspiracy yaa.. ask her parents :P

Virus© said...

This means her parents are futuristic man. This is Terminator sh!t. And I'm a huge fan of that movie.
Give me her phone number please. :D

I'm shameless.

another brick in the wall said...

fuck off man.. i get the number first.. div.. who's your priority.. virus or me? :P

Divya said...

Considering recent developments.. Id say virus.. he needs a break from u hitting on him i think :P

Virus© said...

You were not even in the picture, dude.
Well, let's negotiate. I'm a reasonable man.

She has a sister?

Virus© said...

My reputation in total baingan.

People here identify me as the guy who does it wrong. All thanks to gaylord Sukrit.

another brick in the wall said...

yea div.. she has a sister? i want both their numbers then :P

Divya said...

yeah.. a married one.. any of u guys interested?
Oh so many people will get ready to kill over this convo.. what say suk? :P :P

another brick in the wall said...

i'm deleting my comments man.. i'm already getting scared :P

Divya said...

Oh come on... bad sport... do u see virus deleting the comments that throw doubt on his preferences?

another brick in the wall said...

virus.. grow up.. take some responsibility.. be a man.. cant get one thing right and then u blame it on the world :P

Virus© said...

I've had a lifelong responsibility lecture from you.
Thanks. :P

Divya said...

And it was amusing... thanks to whoever for recording it :P

another brick in the wall said...

yes and ur dear friend has also maintained a record of it for your future reference.. do go back to it and listen to it over n over again till u get it right in your head :P

Divs said...

@virus n @sukrit.. I so hope they legalize gay marriages in India..
I want my bro to be happy n all you know..
Sukrit he can't live without u :P

Divya said...

aww this is so sweet.. yay divs.. 2 divyas wanting their brothers to hook up.. aint tht supportive? :D

another brick in the wall said...

thank you both of you.. means a lot.. *sniff sniff*

Anonymous said...

you write so nice divya, it's like you stay near my place.

Niren said...

Thank god Suk's over barbie-doll. Virus, please check for Suk's past before trusting him... even Divya doesn't know about barbie-doll.

And here's an invention.. Divya, somebody can locate you from how nicely you write :S

another brick in the wall said...

barbie doll hit on you man... not me.. remember you guys went for a movie together.. you just wanted to push off that person onto me.. how you keep pasting your pasts on me.. tsk tsk niren :P