Thursday, September 11, 2008


Shapes and colours
Music and lights
Swinging around
Floating about
Dancing and laughing
We all played.

"We tried it" they said,
Laughing out loud
Surprising us all.
"That's something new...
Hey, let's try it too!"

So off we went in a haze
And then it began
Though it wasn't really part of the plan.

Pitch black it was
It started off small
Went on and on
Bigger than before
Stumbling and falling
We did not stop.

To new heights it went
But then we said
"Let's quit now while we're ahead."
Then we sat, overwhelmed by it all
"That was interesting and sure was a ball."

Don't cry now, you're not undone
Was some experience, 
Now let us keep mum.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You are what you eat

You probably hear that all the time and go "Blech... what nonsense." Admittedly, so do I. But hey what the hell... here's something to prove it.

I like my food with loads of spice, enough to leave me gasping for breath and downing a litre of water at a go, and still continuing to eat after that.

I love chocolate. I love sweets. All to the point that at times I can think I can survive on that alone and nothing else. So much so that I can eat 4 full size bars a day, everyday.

Analogy time.. Here I go... 

I think in extremes. If I'm happy, I'm on top of the world, so much so that I make people tease me for being so overjoyed.

If I'm sad, I pretty much couldn't get more depressed, so much so that I worry a lot of people around me.

Q.E.D. (?)