Saturday, August 09, 2008

Advance Nostalgia

The projects, moots, assignments, tests and the other hellish work we have here always has me tearing my hair out quite often. But it's certain incidents that make it all worthwhile... which I will miss like hell when I leave this place.

The entire student body of the college coming together. Standing outside the office of the Vice Chancellor and protesting, insisting that the Dean of Law be thrown out. Having a joint meeting with him in which we royally bitch about the Dean. Propaganda. Writing 250 applications demanding the same thing. Group encouragement. Rallying.

Sitting on green grass under the cloudy sky in twilight and writing dialogues for a skit on very very short notice. People acting out all possible roles, causing others to double up laughing. Seeing a pretty petite female Gabbar and a bigger male Kaalia. Learning I must have a mustache and big sidelocks drawn on me today (My last name is Ramesh . My role is Ramesh babu from Om Shanti Om. Go figure.) Gathering people you don’t often talk to and rehearsing , while still having a blast. Planning wacky costumes. Convincing a girl to participate by telling her that Angelina Jolie unfortunately wasn’t available and she would hence have to save the day by filling in.

Making rice and calling all the girls in the hostel to get their respective powders, pastes and sauces and hogging, making a mess and cleaning up together. Having what we call a podi party (powder party).

Beginning guitar classes from a friend. Discovering you’re a really fast learner. Jamming with the regulars and getting happy that you’re actually producing anti cacophony.

Sitting on the ground outside the mess in everyone’s way and playing cards in a large group, creating a huge racket, of course. Bluff, Rummy, Blackjack never seemed like so much fun.

Playing hopscotch for hours outside the hostel with the lines drawn with Laxmanrekha (cockroach medicine). Amusing several senior students and a warden or two. Having the campus electrician standing there as referee/umpire/cheerleader.

Buying outrageous birthday gifts for friends. A bowl of fishes for one girl. Lingerie for another girl. Lingerie for one guy. A bottle of vodka for another guy. Throwing surprise birthday parties for someone who got so happy with the surprise that he declared all food and drink to be on the house and ended up shelling out 8 grand while remaining overjoyed.

Wading in knee high water and walking kilometers in incessant pouring rain. Being shocked because, after all, it’s Jodhpur! Getting soaked and filthy that day and enjoying every bit of it. Deciding to waste that whole day and going eating, shopping, for a movie and just roaming around because we refused to go back to college.

Singing LOUDLY in a group in each and every auto journey.

Teasing new couples and old and watching them blush.

Little things and massive things. So many that I can’t even remember half to mention.

I love college.

(The non academic part :S)


another brick in the wall said...

Lingerie for another guy.

8k on a party! i love KK :P

i wanna go to a hostel :(

angelina jolie part was so funny... hehehe
ok.. i wanna go to a hostel :(
i will apply for masters there.. can u get me in?? :P

the hoverer said...

Snif snif.... It seems like a totally different life, a life we are living on deputation. Well apart from the name even the appearance with the much was startlingly similar, u have to give it to that... Kudos... loss of words....feelings cant be expressed in text...snif snif

Adhirath said...

awww....awesome....funny thing at times we need a blog post written by one of ur sweetest friends to make you realize that your college life doesnt suck all that much! and WTF! KK gave away free food, i thought only drinks were on the house..damn you mahajan! i needn't have gone to that stupid rasraj then (but it was delicious so i guess i can console myself)..anyway..let me add a few:
1) yelling around at people trying to make them do one scene right.
2) waiting for the play team to turn up at 8.30 before the attendance only to find them running to class at 9.30
3) drawing fake mustaches for ramesh babu only for her (umm...him...im sorry) to smudge it every now and then.
4) trying to match the shade of a chemical cocktail closest to that of alcohol so that you can go around doing "huh huh huh" Devdas style in front of an already rather amused audience.

aaahhh...boy! big day i must tell ya!

the hoverer said...

not to forget the hordes of people lining up to give away their blood for a glass of free juice(less than the amount of blood donated), and biscuits. And watching a basantily dressed girl tossing around with laughter when the needle comes out and the blood spills on her.
after which a large number of us roaming around feeling week all falling all over the place like devdass.

another brick in the wall said...

fuck! i need a video of this.. anyone please.. be kind and mail.. seriously.. ANYONE

raghu said...

ya almost makes me believe that hostels only fun. :)

Anonymous said...

hostel life is too cool

-the old time lover