Saturday, June 07, 2008

To Steve Jobs: My Apologies

It was cliché. It was everywhere. It was on TV, books, advertisements, even billboards. It was annoying.

What I’m talking about is the big hype and depression that came with the rite of passage of turning 30. Or as sitcoms referred to it, the big three-oh. Yeesh… my reaction- come on. Suck it up. You managed to stay alive for 30 years didn’t you? Celebrate. Or if not, don’t make people moan along with you.

To all those sitcoms, to all those books, commercials and billboards; my apologies. Me, a 19 year old with the mental age of a 4 year old (or so her friends claim) has seen the light; way too early actually. It happened when a friend hit 20. (Don’t make me say the big two-oh. Shoot me if I succumb.) Panic set in. The panic causing thoughts were/are:

  • Oh… She’s 20 now. That’s old, right? Hey, even I’M almost 20. That’s old right?
  • Oh no… When I turn 20, life as I know it is over. No more teenage years. No more double benefits of adult and kid. Come on, when you’re 18 or 19, you can huffily claim to be an adult and get away with things and at other times, make that cute pouty face and get away with doing something you might have been berated for otherwise.
  • Oh no… I'll have to graduate! Leave college! Get a job! Start earning! Decide what on earth to do with life! Run!
  • Oh no… Soon, annoying relatives will start pestering me to get married. The perennial comments of “Such a tall girl no… will have to find a nice Tamil boy taller than you” and “My sister’s husband’s nephew’s cousin is a doctor in Madras. He is the perfect boy for you!” will have to be heard and tolerated with much more patience than normal, which I lack in any case.

And I occasionally moan to Dad, “Appa, I’m becoming so old!” And I get a standard response, a well deserved raised eyebrow.

And people wonder why I act so kiddish.

Save yourselves. Stay juvenile, stay foolish.


another brick in the wall said...

i'm bloody 25.. but that's what the calendar says.. in reality.. i'm as innocent as an 8 yr old... and rest isn't important :P

raghu said...

im a nice tamil boy taller than you :P
nick drake suni?

Divya said...

Raghu... Wat r u tryin to say... :O