Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tag! You're it!

Highly interesting tag. A tad long. My apologies. Oh hell it’s my blog… Apologies duly retracted.

Ten random things about myself:

  1. I have negligible patience. And that’s putting it mildly. No instant reply to an SMS and I fret. I have to wait for someone I’m supposed to be meeting, I pace, I fidget, I fume. Is that because of my inane tendency to turn up before the decided time you ask? Let’s not change the subject here…
  2. Although I do think the best plans are the spontaneous ones, I have a paranoia for advance planning. I will be satisfied when tickets for a movie are booked 2 days in advance. If the hotel room is booked a week before a road trip to another city with friends. Add the zero patience, and I snap when people refuse to help in planning at all. And woe betide someone if the plan is called off due to the lack of planning….
  3. I can survive solely on pizzas and chocolate. I love food more than I love my little toes on both feet. Ehh they're too chubby anyway.
  4. I read insanely fast. In school, often we used to share a book between 2 people while reading, between classes. People fought not to read with me because by the time they had finished reading 2 paragraphs, I would have finished both pages and would be turning to the next page gingerly trying to read whatever I could see of the next page (Refer for point 1 for explanation for behaviour).
  5. I want to try everything. And anything. I want to experience absolutely everything that life has to offer, thrice over, excluding experiences of the narcotic and tobacco kind. And I want to have done it 5 minutes ago.
  6. I crack some of the worst jokes known to mankind. And laugh myself silly at them as well as the groans of the victims who have to suffer them. And I’m offended if they don’t. Groan at them, that is.
  7. Once I start laughing in earnest, it’s next to impossible to get me to stop. And it has its benefits too. People act concerned and very sympathetic like they’re talking to a nutcase after I haven’t paused once in two full minutes. Once, I startled a friend so much he offered to buy me anything in Shopper’s Stop that I wanted if that would make me pause and assure him I was fine.( I still kick myself for having politely and breathlessly declined that offer). The longest I’ve lasted to my recollection is 2 hours 15 minutes. All right… Pick up those jaws now… Where’s your courtesy?
  8. I would sell my soul to have a puppy of my very own.
  9. I cry. Way too often. Ok maybe not fultoo cry…. When Sirius died, yes. When Dumbledore died, yes. When Gandalf died, yes. That’s ok, right? Now… When the 3 men and 1 woman live happily ever after with the baby (3 men and a baby, don’t make me kill you), I got emotional. When Manny saved Ellie and declared his love for her, I got teary eyed (Ice Age 2 for the ones scratching their heads/beards). When Opal Mehta finally got kissed, got wild, got a life and got into Harvard after all the nonsense that preceded it, I thought a sentimental “good-for-her”. When Sam, Annie and Jonah walk away hand in hand after all the insomnia in Seattle, I had to blink my eyes rapidly. You get the picture. Yeah I know… My trip is waiting, wide open... it’s yours for the taking…
  10. Start talking about astrology, horoscopes, kundalis, palmistry, karmic and cosmic connections, and what the stars have in store for me, in front of me, and I will crack up. I don’t mean to offend you so I give you an advance warning. And when I crack up, watch out… (Refer to point 7)

Nine things I wish I wasn’t/didn’t:

  1. I find it excruciatingly difficult to discuss my problems with others. Very often I don’t. If I do, it’s limited to around 2 people whom I confide in. Wish I was more open.
  2. I’m way too shy. Hence I can’t talk to new people instantly. So often it’s happened that a friend and I are introduced to someone new and while the friend goes on to become best pals with the stranger in a few minutes, I come across and disinterested and unwilling to speak for quite a while. Keep at it and then I mellow down and refuse to shut up :)
  3. I think enough for the whole US army put together. Yeah, it’s a tad unnecessary. Once, a guy who was (unsuccessfully) trying to hit on me wanted to read my palm (yes, I did crack up very soon). Taking my hands into his own (ahem), the first thing he said was all the excessive lines on my palm said that I thought way too much… So it’s apparent even to observers…. Damn…
  4. Because of above unwanted habit, I get worried very easily and very often. I think of all possible scary scenarios to a situation and fret about each and every one of them.
  5. I use the adjective cute way too much. I really need to cut down.
  6. I forgive. I don’t often forget.
  7. Am too self conscious.
  8. I am lazy. I procrastinate.
  9. My mood is often decided by what other people do or say. And I hate that.

Eight things I’m wondering right now:

  1. Why does this tag seem a little tough?
  2. Why did I skip the gym today???
  3. Will Sunday’s trek actually happen?
  4. Why are the only messages I get nowadays from Reliance?
  5. To how many people will the stuff I say here be a surprise?
  6. Sigh… Will I ever reach my dream weight?
  7. Why were cockroaches and pigeons put on this earth when they serve no purpose but to annoy?
  8. When oh when will I understand what I actually want from life?

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

  1. Where is “this” going? Should "it" be going at all?
  2. I hope there’s no hullabaloo created when I get married.
  3. I hope things are different when I have kids.
  4. I wonder if I'll have any "friends forever".
  5. I always seem to be reaching out for something different than what I should be…
  6. Sometimes I seem to strive to be unhappy but obviously hate it when I am… why the hell?
  7. I should really stop being so lazy…

Six things I’d like to do before I die:

  1. Bake an edible cake. Every attempt so far has resulted in something resembling a different planet each time.
  2. Be a famous columnist.
  3. Have sex. See what the fuss is all about.
  4. Bungee jump.
  5. Have a dog which dotes on me.
  6. Maintain this blog till the very end. Far fetched, yes. But possible.

Five turn ons:

  1. The ability to talk mind boggling nonsense effortlessly
  2. A French beard.
  3. A guitar. Take a half decent looking guy and a guitar and put them together and you have a very weak-kneed me. I kid you not.
  4. The ability to handle my moodiness. A rarity, this one.
  5. Ability to make me want to talk endlessly.

Four Turn offs:

  1. Be good to the people lesser than you. Act unnecessarily mean to a little beggar and put an empty chocolate wrapper in her begging bowl and face my wrath.
  2. Male chauvinism. Blech. It’s everywhere.
  3. Refusing to accept one’s own mistakes.
  4. Over-nosiness

Three ways to win my heart:

  1. Play the guitar for me.
  2. Go to great lengths just to elicit a simple smile from me.
  3. Talk to me. Give me something new to think about. Tell me about yourself without overdoing it. Have a genuine desire to know about me, and not just the pretty bits. Don’t force your opinion on me. Discuss. Compromise. And keep at it.

Two smileys that describe me:

  1. :P - Teasing people
  2. :D - Laughing!

One confession

My first crush was Captain Planet. Yes, the cartoon. Doesn’t fictional animated character sound so much better?

This was tougher than I thought. And took longer than I thought it would. But fun. Anyone who wants, take a shot at it. Enjoy :)


another brick in the wall said...

tad too long for me to follow this tag.. and give me sometime to give fair justice to my comment for this post.. i think i have a say on nearly everything u've quoted there :P

Adhirath said...

golly! this one's not like any of your posts..i mean its longer than what you usually conjure up!..very interesting..matches my observations about you to a great extent..hmm..but ill need time to comment on it properly...u know!..
dissecting divi's traits one by one...
ooo..sounds fun!
(he!..it rhymed)

SannoySpeaks said...

It is by far the most informative thing u ever wrote. Which means i have a lot of info now...
Which also means
(Wait and watch)
(wondering to myself) -Where's the guitar now?

SIM said...

hmm makes for a fun read...these tagged self reflections :) anyways, as per your query on breaking into the media field...drop me a line on serendipityinmotion@gmail.com and we'll talk. cheers gal!

Hakuna Matata said...

1. Book a room on a roadtrip???? Looks like ill hav to kidnap u on an activa and show u what a roadtrip is sometime :P :P

2. Pt no.6 - Res ipsa loquitor. :P

3. hAAAAA Haa haa haaaaa!! Captain Planet, hes ur hero haa haaa

revelsign said...

awww, divvy =)

this was really nice to read...i guess the part about you being a private person is true. after 2 years of you living next door, this was informative!

and strange thing is, a lot of it sounds like me. maybe i'll do this tag someday..but i'm afraid the 2.34 people who read my blog would be completely disgusted and even they'd stop. =)

Divya said...

@Brick and Adhirath- You leave comments saying IOU a comment....? :| :P

@Sannoy- Tsk tsk...What would your pani puri eating partner say to that? :D

@SIM- Yeah, I had to actually rack my brains a bit for this :)

@Hakuna matata- 1- Oh please do. Sounds like fun!
2- (Blush)
3- Good one! :D And I still love watching him.. er… the show!

@Revelsign- A far cry from the "talk" that you're accustomed to? :D Oh go ahead... It would be good for that 0.34th of a person to go completely into the light....

AB said...

But it was fun racking it no?:0)

By the way, whenever I read these reflective tags, I realise how much in common we have with each other! And it also makes me think that I missed out on a whole lot of things about myself. Ten is hardly doing one any justice!

Divya said...

@AB- oh yeah :)
And tell me about it.. I keep coming up with more and thinking "ooh I could have included that..."

raghu said...

French beard.. YUCK.
narcotics and tobacco :)
hehaw.. u dont like to be lazy?
i bet even bill gates loves to be lazy.. dont miss out on laziness, atleast dont wish u weren't lazy..
and i say dont forgive also.. hehe :)

Sneha said...

Entry 7 in List I and Entry 6 in List II. I TOTALLY relate to those entries!

Divya said...

@Raghu- yuck? Really? Well its a relief its not a turn on for you now tht u talkin to me about marriage n all... :P

@Sneha- :)

Oh and sundays trek actually happened.. Yay :)

raghu said...

abbe wat u deleted the post n all?
ofcors no one understands(as in in the situation u have used the word :P) .. its pathetic to even think that someone will.

raghu said...

omg ur gonna kill me for talkin about marriage.. id say i got carried away ;-)

mad angles said...

oh gosh, i had a crush on captain planet too! and i thought i was the only weirdo ;)

the hoverer said...

As such i'm still wondering if i should comment to this, i could actually write about each of the 55 entries which will be a hell of a task. As far as i know you and if i'd have to chk this post like a teacher, i'd say ur got it OK

the hoverer said...

one thing that i could comment on is the amount you think, the American army, i think they would not think half as much as you do, to put it in a different manner i think you think more than Ekta Kapoor and India TV and Aaj Tak put together.

Divya said...

@ Mad angles- Wierdos unite! :P

@Hoverer- go ahead give it a shot :P
You don't mean to say I think LIKE Ekta Kapoor et al do you? (Horrorstruck)

Bedazzled said...

.. profoundly goofy. enjoyed reading it.

nikhil said...

{goes to search for guitar in the store room, atleast can pose with it.}

Nice blog!

Divya said...

@Bedazzled- :D Thanks!

@Nikhil- Now go on.. send me that pic ;) :P and thanks :D