Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our best friend. Our worst enemy.

Gives us our individuality. Can alienate us.

Gives us our dignity. Yet, can make us lose our dignity instantly.

Makes us stand up for what we think is right. But then again, who the hell says we actually are right?

Can make us an individual to be admired. Can make us an individual to be ridiculed and ignored.

Helps you stick to your beliefs. Can make you stick to your beliefs too rigidly.

Gives us success. Gives us heartache.

Life is too complicated for one enjoy it properly. Bah.

Isn't ego a man made thing anyway? We discovered it. Gave it a name. Psychoanalysed it. Nurtured it. If we hadn't done all that, life would be blissfully less perplexing. Great going...


raghu said...

yikes new template.. i hate change.
the 2nd column wont matter if you care about people you dont have to.. dont carry the burden of liking them.

no heartaches if you dont trust people you dont love.. or love you.

makes you loose dignity in outher peoples eyes.. doesnt matter.

i say im right and i dont care about wat others say is right.

ridiculous people will ridicule me.. but they'll ridicule anyone, and if they ignore me.. ill be sooo happy :D

there is no such thing as stickin to your beliefs too rigidly.. if you wont stick with them when your in trouble.. then wats the use of the belief system? belief systems are there to get you throughduring difficut situations.. you chose them.. better stick with em!

man dint discover ego. man is born with it and everyone around you tries to destroy it because people withot ego are nice and easy to manipulate.. :)

but well if you think egos a bane well so be it.ill live in my bubble and you live in yours :)

Divya said...

if u dont care about people that doesnt mean what they do doesnt affect u i some way or the other...

heartache can be there if u love yourself too. doesnt depend on others all the time.

dignity- can matter to the other person. its contextual, this one. dont bother with it.

u dont think sticking to ur beliefs too rigidly when they are VERY obviously wrong is a bad thing? leading to ur detriment? being too rigid is never a good thing you know... how else are dictators formed? and beliefs change. you know that.

easy to manipulate? well maybe.. but those with too much ego are another extreme altogether.

ego is not always a bane. just that perfect balance is way too elusive.

no discussion if u dont want tht. its just the different soap brand of my bubble thats all :P

Anonymous said...

was ego invented or discovered?
Your set of sentences- poetry or prose... are two of a kind -
in one you imagine 2 extremes
in another you imagine subjectivity

I like both the ideas.


You know me

raghu said...

ego can mean both conceit or self esteem and pride.. ur talkin about conceit and being stupid.. i wunt construct a belief if i knew it was stupid.. i wunt stick to it either ya.

ur talkin about stupid arrogance. ego needs brains to sustain it. its ultra useful. ultra

Divya said...

Yes I am.
Yes it can be. Hence all the pros.
But most often, its the cons that are exhibited. And thats hell annoying.

Adhirath said...

hmm..nice one..though does not find full concert in me..I mean i think ego is very important..it has indeed made our lives very complicated but then its pivotal for nurturing ones own self..others can pamper one as much they please, but the best pampering is one done by ones own self, and i think that is ego! ego might be harmful, very actually, if in excess..but a healthy bit of ego is essential..after all- it is important to love yourself..people might say ego is not about loving one's self, but i thin it is..it is the importance and the attention given to a person by himself/herself!

but nonetheless, I do believe the writing style was rather different!

Divya said...

Of course ego is important.. hence all the pros.. if u have no ego u have no backbone...

another brick in the wall said...

either fuck the ego or let the ego fuck you

good one :)

Tairebabs said...

Well said! Sometimes, I think my ego is my biggest problem especially when I get into a fight with people but I find ways around it.

Subbie said...

Hahahhaha, i love egoes, well-written, short and concise and honest about our best friend...

Snigdhaneel.... said...

EGO ....

u know divi this one thing has always been something which i have been very passionate about !!!

Often it has stopped me from being what i could have been ... stopped me from doing what i should have done ...

Its wonderful that i know all of these and yet I am a slave to it !!!

The very choice that someone would actually have a choice in accepting or rejecting me ... or what i say or do .... has prevented me from doing many things i would have ordinarily done !!!

But there are more things to it !!! The ego allows us to believe that we are capable of performing many tasks successfully.

In all likelihood, our ego is what propels us to a leadership position.

My great effort and desire to succeed led to major accomplishments and accolades.

Here comes the paradox. Egos can vault you into a leadership position, but as a leader, you must set your ego aside. Your ego can prevent you from being an effective and truly great leader.