Friday, May 09, 2008

"Who am I?" The Canine Perspective OR Mom, what's that animal again?

Silly but logical conversation #29865

Venue- Outside my building.
Protagonists- Brick and me.
Subject- A huge golden Labrador that is my neighbour.

It started with me mentioning that the dog's name was Tiger.
Why would anyone name their dog Tiger? After all, it would mean that you are calling your dog a cat. If knew what his name meant and signified, he might protest mightily. Ok sure a tiger is a magnificent creature, but hey, it IS after all a big cat. So would Tiger be his own worst enemy? Would he get confused whenever he wagged his tail and wonder if he is happy or angry?

Even better, what if there is a little kid in the house who has just learnt what a tiger is. Wouldn't he be mightily confused as to what is a tiger and what is a dog? "If my dog is a Tiger then what is a dog?" Poor confused child.

So... moral of the story... Do not name your dog Tiger. Think of the confusion and trauma you would save both your dog as well as your child (future child, niece, nephew, etc.)

Better yet, just name him Dog. At least it would make more sense.


another brick in the wall said...

u rightly put it.. silly but logical.. i mean c'mon.. it's like wishing i had a tiger but since i can't keep him home i'm making a sacrifise and getting a dog and naming him tiger.. imagine a tiger coming to know of it.. he mite kill himself.. it would be insulting to him yaa.. imagine a tiger being named as "dog" :P.. insatiable human beings i tell u.. we are never happy with what we have.. we always want more.. give them dog and how they wish they had a tiger.. grrr.. stupid ppl :P

the hoverer said...

i think the best reason for not naming a dog tiger is bcoz u dont name a dog dog and a cat cat, or a dog cat, i mean u cant name a noun a class thats it