Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Poor Grandmom...

Most of the K's in my life are pretty nonsensical.. This one I think began the trend.. another nonsense K conversation (konversation!!) for the masses. Enjoy :)

K: Biased zuccini

Me: Eh?

K: Stop behaving like a biased zuccini… new slang.

Me: Hahahahah! Isn’t that a vegetable?

K: Yes like cucumber. First of all, i dont think zuccini should be a name of a vegetable..... sounds more like a planet or a place in Spain.

Me: Oh yes Spain maybe this originated in Spain you never know

K: But what an obnoxious name for a veggie..like u go to a subway outlet and tell him, yeah please add some zuccini to the sandwich pls.

Me: Hahaha when you said biased zuccini, it sounded like a character name in Harry potter who is pretty obnoxious.. So the whole aura of the veggie is obnoxious.

K: Well, a cucumber at least tastes like what it sounds… A zuccini is nowhere close. It sounds like you are going to eat a city in Mexico.

Me: Another weird name is okra… It just sounds like Oprahs favourite vegetable.

K: Well..... Controversial but still, taking it as bhindi....... its still edible in sound. Broccoli, however the name sounds, does sound edible.

Me: Yeah.. zuccini has too much of an exotic European touch… Sounds like a guy with too much gel in his hair.

K: Yeah..... thats right too..... or something that an old woman would scream falling out of her 3rd floor kitchen window!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahahahahha!

Me: Why would she scream zuccini instead of help or aaah? Now you’re just being silly… well sillier… oh I know… It sounds like the godfather giving kharcha pani to some guy.

K: No re absolutely not.

Me: It can... very imaginable.

K: I think an old woman falling from her window face down would scream something like zucchini. Not an Indian woman. A Spanish or Mexican woman.

Me: Unless Zuccini was her evil grandson with too much hair gel who pushed her out, why would she scream that??

K: Oooooo good one…that would give reason to the theory.

me: uh huh... yes the guy would have to be evil…Yes and I think the winners are: a place in Spain and the hair gel guy.

K: so instead of a cucumber like veggie, zuccini is the extra hair gelled guy who throws his grandmom off the 3rd floor kitchen window face down… Spanish grandmom to be precise.

Me: Indeed… In a place in Spain which he was named after.

K: We should start a zuccipedia.


another brick in the wall said...

zuccini sounds like a sause :s.. well this italian goalkeeper's called cudicini and it reminded me of him really.. but when i heard this word first it just felt like a sause.. cudicini just sounds like a swear word in mandarin.. i dunno mandarin.. but it could well be a bad word in mandarin :S

K said...

Thanks for putting the chat up..... its a nonsensical honour

Divya said...

mandarin??? no way... think italian or european ya...

Adhirath said...

Good Lord!....this sounds sooo familiar....for those of u who r gonna read this comment: beat sitting on the most X-Rated fileds with these 2 poeple while they nonsense away to glory!!..yep..thts wht i go thru every now n then..(confession: at times i find it tough to refrain from providing substantial inputs!!)..but newase...the point is..zuccini..why the hell will it be biased..and divi, u once again proved to be my akka...i remember telling someone once that okra has to be oprah's favourite veggi, or rather it was a desperate attempt by someone to create a vegetable in honour of oprah....and secondly, as for zuccini..i do agree with divi..biased zuccini always gives me the feeling of a n HP charanter...but whoa!..the thing about the evil guy with gel..hats off!

Divya said...

Oh adhi.. its not the K u thibnk it is.. i said na many K's in my life are nonsensical.. this one is one from Bombay

Divya said...

adhi!! provide ur inputs!! don jus sit thr with us and roll ur eyes!! ur boring man...and zuccini reminds u of zabini blaise na...