Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great Eastern Ramblings: Part III - Wet, Wet, Wet

Day 5- Kalimpong.

Ho hum. Can afford to miss.

Day 6- Gangtok

Transit: Kalimpong to Gangtok. The driver is a dude in cargos and glares who could not talk in a more tapori way if his life depended on it. Chatting non stop with my dad and practically saying “Abeyy uncuuul!!!”, he talked about how Calcutta weather sucks, how Bombay taxiwalas looted him once and rafting. On and on about river rafting. I had tried the previous day to convince dad to go rafting but to no avail. This guy was better at this it seemed. The marketing went on and on for 30 kilometres, maybe more. Then he just did not give my dad a choice. We reached the river Teesta and he just parked the car at a place you could get a raft and got his friend to give my dad all the info. Me; all this time I was sitting and silently laughing my guts out to see my dad handling the tapori rafting agent with his less than perfect hindi, hoping he would agree. He is left with no choice but to agree, what with an overenthusiastic driver, an enthusiastic daughter and a not-unenthusiastic wife. Off we went. I won’t even describe it. I can’t. The river is beautiful and the experience is exhilarating and thrilling. That’s all I can say. Oh yeah, one more thing. In our raft were 4 guides, all around 20 years of age. They were fun. Not only did they keep pushing each other out and start impromptu water fights between themselves and with us, but they also saw their girlfriends across the river and screamed out “I love you!!!” for the whole city to hear. Yeah, they were fun. After rafting, we are of course soaked to the skin. We meet the driver again. I thank him for convincing my dad where I had failed. He is amused. I praise his advertising and marketing and wonder aloud what his commission will be. He is embarrassed and sheepish.

1 thing did amaze me. I’m shocked my parents actually came rafting. Especially my mom who gets scared even when a new born puppy so much as glances in her general direction…. :P

The Hotel: A bellboy bore the interesting name of Antaryami. The managing director of the hotel was called Diamond Oberoi. That itself made my day.

More on Gangtok later.


kunalk said...

antaryami and diamond oberoi!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!

another brick in the wall said...

i echo kunal.. antaryami and diamond oberoi.. hahahahaha

abey divya.. the driver talks like ME!!! :P

i wanna go rafting :(

u had fun while i worked my butt off.. sigh! life and it's unfairness :S