Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caviar, anyone?

Ain't satellite phones great? You can travel anywhere in the world and still be connected. That's so cool... But it’s supposed to be hell expensive... usually rented by people going places... used a lot by adventure tourism people who land up in the most obscure places with no connecting tower. Would come in handy if someone landed up in, say, the North Pole... Surely no Airtel tower there...

Here's an interesting prospect for mankind, which shall use the satellite phone to their advantage. How would it be if men did not have to be stationed at the North Pole? Instead, there could be someone or something else doing all their work for them, for the right price. The new thing of this new age.... Penguins. Yes that's right, penguins. The cute waddling birds whose name the Nokia inbuilt dictionary does not recognize (!?!). Imagine negotiating with penguins, through their head CEO penguin (they all do look like they have tuxedos on anyway...)

"No I’m afraid the offer is fixed. That will be 5 tons of fish per year. and half a ton of Beluga caviar thrown in so that you stay loyal to our country. Brilliant. Pleasure doing business with you."

And of course, they shall communicate with us through the satellite phone... What a boon technology is.

P.S.- Of course, this conversation was with the fantabulously silly Hoverer.

So long and thanks for all the fish :P