Monday, December 24, 2007

Sweet child of mine

Ok first time I’m writing a post because I’ve been tagged and I’m doing this solely for some activity on my blog, which is slowly gathering a lot of dust… was tagged by the inimitable brick in the wall and well… I further tag whoever reads this and wants to admit they actually did!

1. Put your MP3 player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what. No cheating!

Angels- Robbie Williams
Huhh? No sense yet…

Bachelor Boy- Cliff Richard
Hahaha not really, what say? :P

Bheege honth tere- Murder
Hahahahahaha!!! Ok not true! What’s this song still doing here anyway??

I can tell you why- The Eagles
Maybe I can tell you why I feel how I feel today… :S

Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si- Kishore Kumar
Noo… Not quite…

Sheesha ho ya dil ho.. tuut jaata hai
So I’m a pessimist? Ok this one’s good.

A man and a woman- U2

Aakhein- Strings
Well ok…

Patterns- Simon and Garfunkel
Hehe good answer.. maybe…

WHAT IS 2+2?
You belong to me- Lifehouse

Obladi Oblada- Beatles
Lalala life goes on… Ok I dunno…

Last Kiss- Pearl Jam
Well..... :P

To live is to die- Metallica
This is way too pessimistic!

Supreme- Robbie Williams
Rather vague innit? But ok.. not bad..

Nothing good about goodbye- Hinder
Good answer!

Nutshell- Alice in Chains
I just dunno…

Touch me don’t touch me- Dhoom 2
Hahahahaha sending confusing signals to that lucky guy huh? ;)

Dancing in the moonlight- Toploader
Come on… feign a little sorrow :P

I’m a believer- The Monkees

Yellow- Coldplay
Green! Blue! Oh nothing…

Painted on my heart- The Cult

Sweet Child of mine- Guns and Roses
If you say so

And with that we come to the end of Kaun banega confused! And in this game, everyone’s a winner… So go ahead.. spread the bewilderment. Consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Signed out

Today, I passed a shop which had a sign in the window. The shop was a Reebok showroom, which had several sleek sports shoes displayed in its window. The sign in question proclaimed- “FLAT 20% OFF!”

I looked. I saw. I thought; Obviously… Reebok doesn’t make heels…

I blogged, therefore I was.

I’ve noticed, I blog a hell of a lot more in my vacations than I do during the semester. Maybe because I invariably end up bored during my internship and keep writing. More time to write one might say, but more time to think? I think of loads of things about which I could produce interesting, amusing, or deep posts about… all year round, be it in the holidays or otherwise, but many many times, they just somehow don’t materialse into anything…I either keep putting off writing about it till I can’t possibly do it justice, or I just don’t bother, saying I just might do it later.. this being a topic I would have pounced on earlier and written feverishly about, mind you. But, as I’ve come to learn from experience, if you don’t write something while still in the rush of thinking it, at that very time, you’ve lost it. And I don’t feel the urge to write it anymore, almost at all… I tried writing something yesterday which seemed nice and interesting when I thought of it, but it just fizzled out, leaving me puzzled, as if where did I think I would go with this? So, yesterday, when I was chatting with Brick about some nonsense or the other, I quickly hung up and started typing while the rush was still there and you can see the result below. (That’s why the thank you note at the end, I’m not exactly practicing my award speech yet.)

Earlier, I didn’t really know why I blogged and was more than happy about it. Now, I still don’t know why I blog and therefore don’t seem to other to blog at all. Sometimes I think I’m running out of nonsense and that thought scares me a bit because that has actually become part of my identity. Then at times I come to realize I still have it in truckloads,I just have to strain a little more to access those stores and I just feel a little apathetic to do so…

Monday, November 12, 2007

I think I’m trying to make a line. It might not be straight though.

It started with chain mails. The stupidity of them all… Don’t you just get irritated when you get a mail saying “Forward this to 262.56 people in 20 minutes or a bird will throw an egg at your head!” Ok, personally, I do. But think out of the box. Out of the egg even. I have turned into one big egg-etarian nowadays. Maybe if that happens, I will want to catch the egg and cook it! Now there’s no problem as long as it’s a chicken egg and you actually see the chicken throwing it at your head and very obviously missing (but maybe you’re just very good at ducking… In that case the bird throwing the egg at you certainly won’t be a duck because imagine out-ducking a duck... it’s ridiculous! Ok getting back… imagine if you just have an egg thrown at you but didn’t see which bird threw it at you...would you still eat it? Or would I still eat it? Knowing the egg head that I’ve become, if it looks reasonably like a chicken’s egg, I just might… Of course I wouldn’t if it’s green and meant to be eaten with ham (I am a vegetarian after all (Sorry Dr. Suess)). Getting back again… Another situation… what if the person who had the egg flung at their head was not me but say my cook.. and imagine if the egg was seen to be thrown by a pigeon but was actually stolen from a sparrows nest…. And if the egg looks small, brown and very tempting, he might just cook it for me hoping to please me and get a raise in the process (it’s so hard to get good help nowadays…) and what if I love it? I want more… I tell him to make more… now the guy has to get more of these eggs…but only he thinks they are pigeons eggs… he would get those and see that they are neither tempting or brown and would thus be in a quandary. And thus in not making more of those eggs for me, he would stand a chance of losing his job or just disappointing me very much… see how much trouble chain mails can lead to! So people, just don’t send them!

Ok drifting apart from that particular point to a whole new one in probable a different plane (see heading), why would the pigeon steal the sparrows egg? Considering how stupid pigeons are, it probably thought it was its own egg and just took it, only to realize with fury that you hadn’t in fact forwarded that mail to 262.56 people in 20 minutes. So it throws the egg at you... Oops… All that effort of taking that egg with all that “thought” put into being more stupid than normal vanishes… Sigh…

A million thanks to Hoverer for helping me start this and to Another Brick in the Wall for providing his invaluable pigeon-brained 2 cents to get me to write this!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing much... What's up with you?

When have work you don’t want to do, when you’re too busy to have fun, when you’re somehow free and find that everyone else you want to be with is busy, when you do have fun despite the work and then feel guilty and rushed, you feel sick of it all. College gets to you; the hustle, the work, the seriousness of it all, the constant reminder that everything you do, every test and every outing, will affect your future and make you feel a sense of foreboding, this place definitely gets to you. When you’re forced to be nice to people you don’t like, when people you do like irritate you, when you see too much of people that it makes you just want to take a break from your very existence… Where do you go? To whom do you turn? Three and a half more years to spend here just seems like an eternity to spend in this place following this very same routine, but then again you don’t want to fast forward to when you have to be even more responsible and have a job, you don’t want to rewind to before you came to college because that seems like a whole past life. When you feel like doing nothing but sleep and be by yourself but even that’s not fun anymore, you just sigh and wonder what on earth is happening to you…. What do you do?

Me? I just want a world that has a comfortable bed and air conditioning. And unlimited chocolates and pizzas. And a huge library. No one would make you work, no one would impose their company on you, and no one would make you feel like you’re imposing your company on them, people you love wouldn’t get on your nerves, and you wouldn’t get on theirs, and you could just get away from it all. FROM IT ALL! And that is what's up. How about you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday, after like a zillion years, I saw a whole match of cricket. And what a match it was! Imagine 400 people crowded into one large room, all light blocked, with whistles in hand, Indian flags painted on every alternate face. A crowd that screams with every run made by us, boos every run made by Pakistan, cheers to the high heavens for every wicket taken by us! Shrieking with joy and hugging each other after the thrilling brilliant victory, standing on chairs and whooping after it's done, bursting bombs to celebrate. One entity.

I love college.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I've always been one to build stories in my head, make up circumstances and situations that I wish would happen or that I wouldn't in reality, but I wouldn't mind dreaming about.

Why do I think people make up stories? To feel something... Something you want to live over and over again, something you can't live out in reality, something you wish would happen, something that never will... It's for feeling awe, love, humour, thrill, adventure, anything!

To live through dreams makes life interesting. To build worlds in your head makes life more colourful. The ending just might stay the same and so may the outline but the whole purpose is the process, the story unfolding, hanging on to every scenario like it were real...

However colourful my life may be, it always increases due to my dream world... and shall always remain so, for which I am thankful.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No harm in trying...

A wanted something. A wanted B to want it too. A tried convincing B that she could do it if only she tried. B was scared. A sat for hours and convinced B that she had nothing to lose, that she could do it if she believed in herself, that if they happened to succeed, they would have a gala time and if not, there would have been the attempt itself, that losing did not matter, that making a fool of yourself did not matter, that B was more than she thought she was. A put in a lot of time, a lot of effort; just for B..

B got through. A did not.



Saturday, August 18, 2007

Boo to you

This place is quite hypocritical... If you don't like a person, you still act all buddy-buddy with them. We all live together so you can't actually be openly hostile to them, or don't want to go through all the trouble the hostility would bring, or the surprise of the others at expressing it, while they still cover it up.

I'm getting tired of it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mental Volcano... Dormant?

Isn't there some scientific formula that says that if you keep on increasing the load, the bearing capacity keeps increasing but beyond a certain point it cracks?

Well real life situation... Imagine a person who is buried in work so that just the hair on her head is showing... Now what would that person be doing? Working? Naah... Apparently when the work load becomes much too much for comfort, everything else but the work gets done. That would explain a girl sitting and eating chocolate and typing out an arbit blog post when she has nothing but a moot the next day, a project submission and a test together 2 days after that and another moot the very next day to that... and yet preparation for nothing of the above is happening. Is this a way people cope with their sanity? Is this how people ensure that their brain doesnt erupt into a ball of flaming white matter and go up the chimney, wrongly signifying that a new pope has been elected?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apples anyone?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… But is that really what you want? Yes? How can you say so without more details? For instance what if that doctor happened to be the most handsome creature on the planet… Imagine that you meet him, he treats you, you’ll meet again and again. Before you know it you’ll are married and living happily ever after. Now aren’t you glad you skipped that apple?

This popped out of my mouth during a funny conversation which basically revolved around the question- which is more adventurous? Being held hostage by a monkey or falling in the street and being taken home by a doctor? Of course most people said the former but then I put forth my logic as stated above… What if that doctor was the man/woman of your dreams or if not him, what about his son or daughter that you could happen to meet and live happily ever after with? And as for the monkey, depends on the type of monkey… If the monkey in question were the normal chota ones that roam around and perform tricks, naah not so interesting… you could just stick your tongue out at them and walk away (I shall omit to mention that I was once held up by the same creature when I was a kid because he insisted on having the chocolate in my hand, but whatever). But imagine if you were captured by King Kong? Now that would be more interesting to watch and definitely to experience. (Again the answer depends on whether the person answering the question is a romantic or a person who likes action movies so you can never say). So, on the whole I stuck to my answer of the doctor incident being more exciting until I heard something pivotal to the discussion.

Apparently this was not a hypothetical scenario. A friend narrated an incident that I had missed in the deluge of the talk of doctors about him being a kid of 4 years old and sticking his tongue out at a monkey only to have it pick him up! Everyone around him apparently had to bribe the monkey with a banana to get it to leave him. This, of course, led to hilarity. This being the type of friend whose leg you can pull so easily it’s practically elastic, had to face an onslaught of smart-ass comments. We marveled at him knowing his worth at such a young age; being equivalent to a banana… At his protest that it was just maybe a mother monkey bemoaning her lost child, we remarked at his similarity to a baby monkey. I, for one, at the very mention of this story just imagined him on a silver platter being picked up by the monkey like a waiter picks up a big plate and could not stop laughing for 15 minutes… literally…

Ok I must agree... being held hostage by a monkey IS more adventurous :)

Ah the people you meet in life… :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

In memoriam...

This is an ode to my ring... My sole piece of jewelry that I was besotted with at first sight almost 3 years ago... Plain silver thumb-ring with a cross cut into it at each side joined by a thin slit… simple and perfect.. I fell for it.

We led a nice life, me and my ring. It would come off only when I came home from college and be on my thumb again if I had to go out at any time, albeit to buy bread. I tried to treat it the best I could and it sure made me happier than any other ring had. I slipped up numerous times by dropping it in every place imaginable with the theater and the loo as exceptions because then I'm sure I wouldn't have got it back. It would be a common sight to all to see my playing with my tad oversize ring and promptly drop it somewhere or the other and go fumbling for it. And it would be a funny yet expected sight to see me sitting in a moot court watching the judge and have my ring fall to the ground and roll noisily to the counsel's feet, with the whole class staring at it. Everyone I've been with has had to pick it up; friends, strangers, even professors... But it always forgave me. It always came back to me. We would be as we always were, madly in love and wanting to stay that way forever... I remember the numerous times people have mistaken me for a catholic simply because that perennially present ring had 2 crosses on it, I remember playing with it, having others play with it on my finger and off...

And then I noticed it. The slit connecting the crosses went from looking like a simple line drawn in the steel to a slightly open slit. I was worried. I clamped it shut, tried to keep it that way. My ring tried to reassure me that everything would be fine. I believed it. Then it got from bad to worse... The slit widened more and more, more and more often. My ring saw how worried I was and worked hard to get better, just for my sake. But it failed. And then the day came when we both knew it; my ring was never going to recover. The end was near and all we both could do was prolong it for as long as possible by being as careful as we possibly could. And soon one day, the end came suddenly. I was out with a friend with my faithful ring on as always and suddenly, SNAP!!! The top quarter of my ring snapped off abruptly. I was shocked… but I knew the day was coming when this would happen. I put it to rest and mourned for it. I tried to recover by trying to find another just like it, but I couldn't. I realised I had to get over this tragedy the normal way. And I'm trying. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I still miss my ring. I still feel emptiness on my finger where it used to be. I miss playing with it and having people do the same. But I remain hopeful. Somewhere out there is another ring, I know, waiting for me to find it. I shall love again someday, though my first true love shall never be forgotten.

To my dear ring, farewell.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's in a name?

Well not much but quite a lot! My name keeps changing over the years, with new people I encounter, with new places I go to, with new incidents.
I started off as Divya. A nice normal name that I never liked too much. Maybe people sensed that because I was rarely called by my name except by teachers. Any variation… Think of it and it’s been used. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that… I’m just 18 now… a few more are inevitable sooner or later.
Me. Divya Ramesh. Div by some friends, Divs by some, Divi by others. The latter took some getting used to since I didn’t like this moniker in the beginning since it was only used in the beginning by a girl I could not stand who seemed to follow me around, but it grew on me… So much so that I sometimes referred to myself as Divi!
Ok these are the expected ones I guess; not too uncommon… Divya R. DR. Doctor. Quite sasta but I didn’t mind that earlier since I had my mind set on medicine.
Then later, Doc. Nice… Cute, short, sweet and makes me feel like Bugs Bunny saying “Ehhh, what’s up doc?” More? DD or double D… let’s just say this stuck because of a joke I failed to understand at the time... :P
More? Deebya by a friend’s dad. Deevya by a Dutch colleague. DVD by Sukrit the great, just plain D by some... And funnier- Dippu, Deepika, Deepiks…. Courtesy my mom who, when in a funny mood, seems to have no dearth of these things. But none of the above can match up to the time she called me “kutti pattani” in Tamil which translates into “little green peas”………….. *Speechless*….. Let’s see what I morph into in the future… :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Am alone, will talk

New observation, this one. Strictly applicable to flights. Possibly possible in other means of mass transit as well.

I'll elucidate. Today, for the first time I travelled by air alone. And apparently this is the norm. If you're alone and you happen to be sitting adjacent to someone who is also alone, you must strike up a conversation. If luck is on your side, you won't have someone too annoying. I was somewhat lucky in this regard but this conversation with a travelling sales manager from Chennai, and in my opinion, every such conversation, would be along the lines of- "No I'm not working- College- Law- 1st year- Graduation- Jodhpur- Because it happens to be among the top law schools in India- Yes it's a nice city- Yes it can be too hot- Integrated course- Yes lots of tourists- My dad?- Working in Reliance- Oh you know someone else who works on Reliance?- Good for you- Uh huh- Uh huh- Uh huh.... -Divya- Your name- Uh huh- Uh huh" You get what I mean... And this is usually followed by an exchange of business cards (if you have one), only to never see that person again.

So it occurred to me... This could be a forum to explore your other options. Be anyone else... live another life for a short period of time and bask in its glory or its plain hilarity. I imagine the next time I'm in this situation... How will the conversation go?

"Yes I'm working- With ICICI bank- Oh what do I do there?- Telemarketing- Yes it IS boring sometimes but you know those annoying calls you must keep getting about new credit cards?- I call up and say that even if there's no such scheme, just to annoy people" Umm... (Awkward pause I presume: P)


"Yes I'm working- Assistant manager at a restaurant- Oh I mainly assure that the cooks don't steal any money or spit in the food of customers who annoy them" Ummm...


"Yes I'm working- I'm the new RJ at Red FM- Chalo because I'm having this pointless chat with you, if you ever call the show, I'll put you on air for sure"


"No I'm in class 9 actually- Am travelling for this big sudoku tournament- I'm the school champion, participating in a National Competition"

Or anything. Give me any profession and there's something crazy or interesting to say... Chalo I've decided. The next time I fly alone, I'm not gonna be me! And that will call for a similar new post... So till then, adios! I'm off to the set to continue shooting for my 4th TV serial. Yes it starts with K... Tata people: P

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hail Murphy!

A friend recently paid a tribute to Murphy's law by observing that whenever we had loads of work piled on us in college, the weather is absolutely beautiful whereas when we are free, it's blistering hot… the usual for Rajasthan... How we wish we could have those cool breezy days for ourselves rather than wasting (umm spending) it on our books... Sigh... Oh well here's another observation.

Bombay traffic. It sucks to the core. It's one of the few things I abhor about Bombay (the others being the dug up roads and the humidity). And somehow the weather and the traffic just HAVE to coordinate themselves to give us one hell of a time (literally). Take these days for example. I stay around 20 minutes away from where I intern. But sometimes the traffic is so killer that it takes more than an hour! And alas on these days it was hot. It was humid. It was many horrible hours spent sweating in that rickshaw wishing I could just apparate to work. On the other hand, sometimes the traffic is not that bad... In fact on these days I'm talking about, I reach work in 15 minutes tops. And the weather on these days? Beautiful, breezy, cool. No sun, no sweat. And on these days you just breeze by the roads beautifully... Nice but annoying! It's like the time spent waiting in traffic jams amidst the fumes must be compounded by the fierce sun... we are not meant to enjoy the breeze then... Oh no... Only on the days we spend the minimum time traveling do we get to enjoy the lovely weather and the occasional drizzle that visits nowadays.

As I was sitting in the rickshaw enjoying the breeze on the traffic-free road today I thought Naah I'm being silly... But then... I saw traffic looming up ahead of me and immediately... The sun came out... Oh no... The forces of nature and traffic jams are indeed in collaboration I concluded... Why else would the sun come out only for the exact time that the traffic jam lasted? Sigh... Our luck is such...

And hence I would like to wish mankind all the best for the future and the present for that matter to live in a world that is unfortunately governed by the law of the acclaimed pessimist but ultimate realist... Hail Murphy!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Pessimism. Gets so much flak doesn’t it? People are always advised to look on the bright side, not to harbor negative thoughts, and the like.. Though this might hold true for some things, I have found that pessimism works for me… I don’t mean to sound like a killjoy here, but it does… Those who have read my earlier posts know that I’m a big dreamer, lost in my own world, and though that sounds nice and candy-flossy, it has its downsides. When you dream, you more likely than not expect something out of those dreams... You expect them to come true or at least have some semblance of coming true. And when that doesn’t happen, you’re let down…

Forget dreams, even basic things… anything... Basically if you set your hopes too high, there’s more of a chance that they will come crashing down on you, if you expect something, you set you yourself for disappointment... So why hope or expect? If you don’t expect something to happen, what can happen is: either it doesn’t happen and you’re proved right so no actual disappointment, or it does happen and that makes you ecstatic... Compare this with being optimistic... You expect something and it happens... Sure you’re happy but you expected it anyway... If it doesn’t happen, you’re crushed… now which option sounds better?

Lately, this pessimism ideology is working for me... Else I’m this person who always expects people to do things just because I would, or things to happen because they should... Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop dreaming, that’s too much a part of me now.. But don’t expect all that much, and be grounded… that’s what I think I’ll do. For a while, my favourite saying has been “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”,and that is lovely and admittedly true… but lately… “It’s the event of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”, and that’s not really that often..

(It is to be noted that the author was extremely frustrated at the time this was written and admits that conversion cannot be ruled out. She realizes how arcane and disheartened this sounds and is in fact available for selected comment.)

P.S.- The above was written quite a long time ago and stored on my computer... My belief was shaken briefly a while back but now it's back to my original stand and unfortunately I have to relearn how to stop expecting things... Oh well...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kid talk

Yesterday I got into a strange mood which I could only describe as feeling like a pouting kid. Well this didn’t exactly describe it perfectly but it’s as close as I could get.

First off, I think sad kids are very cute. Ok not when I see a screeching little girl but when I imagine a baby with its lower lip out I go all “awww”. But that’s not the point. Kids tend to get sad at anything they think is a big deal. They might lose it over absolutely trivial things. I thought of an example like a little girl, maybe 3 years old, getting royally upset because someone (maybe a mean toddler bro) told her that her lollipop looked stupid. Now this is nothing to get upset about but will not stop a kid from thinking it’s the end of the world. In fact I’ve even read this somewhere, that kids will find trifles the end of the world but might not be perturbed by the important things. Imagine telling the same kid that the Sensex fell by 1000 points. Or that India is having finance problems. She wouldn’t care less because she doesn’t know about that stuff. It doesn’t matter to her. What does matter to her is her lollipop. And hence the fuss and tears till her brother grudgingly admits that her lollipop is not stupid or till she forgets about it and maybe gets a new lollipop.

Kids have their own mentality. I remember myself at the age of maybe 5 or so. I had learnt a new big word and was mighty proud of myself. The word was “universe” which was a big deal then since all the kids were still stuck on cat and mat and the like. We had to make cards in school on that fateful day. In mine I used the word universe somewhere. The teacher read my card along with the rest and kept mum, not noticing much less acknowledging my achievement! I was devastated… I remember feeling so bad… similarly I remember feeling quite high and mighty when after our first lesson on evaporation, I stuck to my belief that water poured on the soil went down and not up as everyone else claimed and I was proved right… (Yay :P)

And so, I state the bare text… Kids get elated at their own little triumphs which seem big in their eyes and unhappy at similar types of defeats and at anything important to them in their own tiny expanding world.

P.S. - Actually that last line applies to everyone. People get emotional viz. happy or sad about anything that concerns them…

P.P.S.- How this exactly explained my mood I’m not sure but once I sat with all this in my head I forgot to pout :)

Friday, May 18, 2007


In Singapore, one train station floor had tiles with certain signs on it... symbols... random tiles here and there with designs engraved into it... and then... one had the same engraving but in gold... And I thought... What if that particular station was actually a treasure map... What if the tiles meant something... But what?? And the gold one... that was the definitive one... It was the key to the puzzle... and I wanted to stay and figure out the puzzle... the engravings looked like hieroglyphics so maybe it was an Egyptian treasure, stolen from a museum maybe and hidden here, in the modern station, where no one would suspect it and the map would just appear like a design on the floor, deceptively appearing as being decorative... but alas... this remains unsolved and the treasure remains hidden until the next time I go there without an impatient mother telling me to hurry up, or until another vigilante notices this and applies his mind and overactive imagination...

Exchange offer :P

If you care for someone, their problems become yours. Conversely, your problems become theirs as well if they care as much... What's the explanation? If someone else is upset, you're as upset as if it's your own problem... Is that good or bad? Well you're upset for a longer period of your life... but it's nice/bad to know that someone else is also so worried about you and takes your own problems to heart; the confusion is because in the first place you don't want the other person to suffer at all and that's why you feel bad for them when something's wrong for them in the first place but when you're upset, so are they... double dose of upset... good or bad? Ok it's confusing... always nice to know someone cares but I guess if you actually do care then the fact that you're feeling upset about something that has nothing to actually do with you but the happiness of someone else you care about doesn't really matter to you... All you want is the other person to be happy... I have no idea as such what I want to say... Usually when I have a khichdi in my head writing makes it clear but I guess the problem arises when there's actually no khichdi at all... All this is kind of obvious... No point... Huh? Over and out...

FINE city...

Just got back from Singapore... Singapore is a fine city... So the citizens themselves proclaim... and it's true definitely.. Why fake modesty? It's pristinely clean, no dust on the roads, no litter anywhere... their train stations are better than our airports... Why? Because Singapore is a FINE city... massive fines along with community service (cleaning the roads, et al) for littering or any such thing at all... nice... Nice change from here where the police themselves contribute to the filthiness of this place... Oh well... I had a nice trip...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Yours Sasta-fully

A tag I have been veritably conferred upon me and a status that has been bestowed upon me since the 1st semester of college…. I am officially the “sasta queen” of the batch. “Huh?” you say? Let me make it clear for you.

It all started last September when I was returning to college by a large number of train changes. The fateful trip was one to Delhi. We were all on the way back to college after a fun filled inter college festival and we had with us a fourth year, a guy who looked serious, responsible and utterly aloof… he had proved to be quite friendly during the course of our stay and the other assumptions about him proved to be right, but no one would have imagined the depth of his character, the hidden traits of his soul… he was, without a doubt the most sasta person I had ever laid eyes, ears or mind upon! (Let me explain sasta, I did not know the meaning either before this momentous trip. It means utterly and totally silly, a poor joke raised to levels of being as poor as can be… such a cheap joke, hence the term sasta, that at times you could confer the status of free upon it. Of course there are levels of sasta-ness also… some jokes are just plain sad while others make you laugh uncontrollably while wanting to pull out the person’s hair out. This particular senior was of the latter category). Now on this trip, he exposed his true colours… proclaiming his hunger by singing loudly- “Mujhe bhook lagi hai mast mast….” Yeesh!!!

Now we’re all lying down, the last talk of the day before everyone hits the sack… when suddenly this tall guy, who’s lying on the top berth pokes his head out from one end, his feet out from the other and starts repeating in a sepulchral tone- “Mahi ve…” Why? No one knows, but this started affecting me. I broke out into fits of laughter at this and refused to stop, and having witnessed my famous laughing fits that very day in which I start laughing and refuse to stop for hours on end, my friends got worried. Trying their best to control me, they could not control the senior on top who suddenly decided to crack a joke... He asked- Keeping in mind recent Hindi movies, how would you greet President APJ Abdul Kalam? What happened next was startling… not a second had passed when I answered- “Kalam Namastayy”!!! My friends were all shell shocked, not to mention the senior… It was like they witnessed the height of matching wavelengths and saw a whole new side of me. And they were even more worried. Hence emerged the sasta queen who cracked utterly strange jokes at the drop of a hat, instantaneously, spontaneously! And my friends adapted… they accepted me in my new avatar, pretending to groan at my jokes but enjoying them all the same… But one disadvantage came with this elevated position of the Sasta Queen. As of now, any joke I crack is deemed to be sasta… it’s like my friends refuse to believe that I can crack a normal joke!!!

Let me give some examples of my jokes. They have become so famous that people from my college who had gone to Bangalore for a sports fest returned after 2 weeks and verified whether I had actually said such a thing, with me straining to remember what I had said, getting incredulous that my fame was spreading so far and wide. My Kalam Namaste joke still holds the top position but others are remembered also, such as the time when I asked a friend from Pathankot to give me her “Pathan”-coat since I was feeling cold. So also is the incident in which I started singing “So ja jaaneman” to a friend who was feeling sleepy, mimicking the famous song from Roja. Oh so many exist… so many that I can’t even remember.The latest one was just a couple of days back when 3 of my guy friends were singing to me; the sequence goes as follows;

Guys: Ai… kya bolti tu?

Me: Ai… kya main boloon?

Guys: Sun

Me: Suna

Guys: Aati kya Patiala? (Their own attempt at a sasta)

Me: Kya karoon? Wardrobe mein chudidar…

Guys: ……………………….



Hehehe and so it goes on… with me having part of my brain perpetually occupied crunching up information from the surrounding to convert into sastas (as my friend puts it), spreading joy and amusement, inducing laughs and groans in equal proportion, sacrificing my peace of mind to bring laughter into the world…. I think you get it... ;)

Signing out with full acknowledgment to those who helped in making me as I am today,

Yours Sincerely,



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Operation birthday

Latest Target: Ms. Tresa Thomas

Location: New Girls Hostel 3

Date: 22nd April

Time: 11:59 pm

Objective: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

A birthday in the girl’s hostel… A mission of sorts… Packed with action, adventure, giggles and a mess. It begins with a few of the concerned to-be-birthday girl’s friends planning what to do for the said girl’s approaching birthday. Plans are made, money is pooled, gifts are bought… This is but a paltry work… The real job is yet to be done… It’s the icing on the cake… It’s the cake itself… one day before the birthday, on the birthday eve, an exclusive duo is usually selected to be the honoured ones to purchase the cake… They sneak out of college without the birthday girl’s knowledge, scour the city and return with the prized possession after enduring it all… traffic, fumes, umm... stray camels! But it is done… and then it is snuck into the hostel itself… elusively hidden in one of the few fridges of someone or the other (I’m usually an often privileged party providing refuge to the same). Then as midnight approaches, the girls are summoned. The cake is kept ready and we go forth… knock on the concerned door and scream it out- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And she beams with joy and pretends she knows nothing of the cake awaiting her… And as the girls sing and the cake is cut, it is dabbed on her face as she is hugged by everyone. And of course- birthday bumps… and as it was in the latest mission, a water fight between the birthday girl and another. Quite scandalous if any guy were to see it but thoroughly enjoyable!

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The sad part is, I shall never have this… All the years I shall be here, my birthday falls in the vacations… I’ll spare you the tears, the sorrow, the heartbreak(:P) but I didn’t spare a couple of my friends back home though. This last birthday, they popped up at home at midnight with a cake, flowers, gifts!!! I was shocked, I was taken aback, I was touched. It was brilliant. Being at home for my birthday is great for sure, but the very experience… People going out of their way to ensure you have a cake on your birthday, whether or not there is an end term exam the next day (in Tresa’s case), celebrating together… I wish I could have that… I absolutely love my friends back home for doing what they did on my last birthday but alas…I shall not have that any more too since I have recently shifted house… Oh well… let’s just say I’m compelled to remain a giver… Thanks Sal and Karishma, you guys rock! And so does my hostel… Here’s to many, many more cakes and birthdays!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of Donald Duck, bees and life in the future...

Not had a nice nonsensical conversation up here for a while!! So here goes…

The conversation was between me and 5K… It started out with me saying how silly Donald Duck is for not wearing pants but wearing a towel when he steps out of the shower and rushes to cover himself when it is pulled off! Now 5K jus HAD to counter that for the sake of arguing… went on to explain how the water and soap created certain adverse conditions which mandated the requirement of a towel and it was only on closer examination that this could be realised… I fought this… What if Donald Duck suddenly fell into a lake! Come on, he is a duck after all… where then would he get a towel from…?? Now I won this round… it was then pointed out that the same would apply for Mickey Mouse but I said that that was true but Donald was so much more fun to ridicule than Mickey… Topic came up that this was true since Donald was silly enough to dress up as a bee and try to steal honey from a hive… now after this the conversation that followed led to some interesting conclusions…

Why do bees even make so much honey if it’s going to be stolen by man anyway? Because, in ancient times, when man did not exist, bees foresaw that such a silly creature as man would come into being who would steal all its honey... thus it was resigned to its fate and started producing extra honey so that man would get his share. But then we should get it packaged and purified ya… In the near or not-so-near future, bees will start producing packaged honey… with a label with a barcode signifying the number of the hive, the supervisor of the batch and of course, the name of the queen- Her Esteemed Majesty- Queen Ayesha… (dunno why that name, just seemed to fit…). But now what would we give in exchange for this? In the future, the economy would be different. Things would be exorbitantly expensive. To provide payment, the hives which have agreed to do this honey production for mankind would be placed in a garden which was rent-free, i.e., the bees would not have to pay the high rent normally expected from an occupant of the garden, while it was not so with anyone else. Now the person for whom the bees are producing honey should get all the honey right? But no… black marketing shall always exist… the bees will pretend to give us all their honey but secretly keep a hidden stash and gorge on it at our expense… and of course fed that fat queen of theirs, Queen Ayesha…

Well this led to the discussion of the life cycle of a bee and its hive politics which are as complicated, if not more, than an episode of the bold and the beautiful. Which led to the “birds and the bees”. Which led to much more nonsense… Aah glorious…

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don't fall... revisited...

As suggested by Raghu and on contemplation, this pic is perfect for the previous post. So tada!

Don't fall...

When one of the ropes supporting a load frays, the rest are not far behind. It’s only a matter of time before the whole load crashes.

If one important perception of something or somebody is shattered, are not the rest too far behind?

You dread what happened, you dread what may happen. You dread the crash knowing that you’re standing right beneath the load and are bound to get grievously hurt, no matter what.

One might think it would be better to ignore the frayed rope or patch it up, but faulty it is, no matter what you pretend it is. Is it as capable of supporting the load as it once was now that it’s frayed?

You want it to be but not at the same time. You wish you had never seen it but glad you did you would never have seen the latent fault. You want the rope to be as you always thought it was… you want the load to remain steady as it always was…

The load is precious. You don’t want it to crash. You almost wish you weren’t standing right underneath it if and when it does crash but unfortunately you have no choice…

So you stand there and wait… helpless… hoping and praying for something you’re not even sure of…

Don’t fall…

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everytime I try to rise above ...

When you're in over your head, you need company. If you don't have any, you have to make sure you get out, at least a little...

Or else you cant breathe. You drown.

Glug glug...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Farzi but quite real...

The 7th book of Harry Potter is not due to be released till 21st July I think… Recently in campus, an e copy of a book claiming to be the 7th book is floating around… Though on reading it can immediately be recognized as fake, it does make a riveting read…

Towards the end, some stuff that’s some good food for thought…

Does Heaven exist? Do the dead meet there and live in peace and harmony? Are they actually happier than when they were alive? Why then would people fear death?

You can interact with the dead in your mind… in your dreams and imagination… You can construe Heaven, Hell and the afterlife to be as you want it to be… the people to be as you want it to be…

Like I said, good stuff…

Go to hell...

General Perception…

People consider God to be up in the heavens above... Now if you consider Heaven as a material place with particular co-ordinates, this theory falls flat on its face… Imagine Heaven as a big ground right above, say, the U.S. Now, when someone here in India considers Heaven, it won’t be considered as up above, but down below won’t it? It will be right through the Earth and a little deeper. So heaven will be down below…

Another general perception… Hell is down below… So when people think of Hell down below, they just might be thinking of Heaven… So Heaven for some will be Hell for others… All relative isn’t it? So when you tell someone to go to hell, what do you mean? Compliment or insult? Hmmm…


Saturday, February 24, 2007


They say "Once bitten, twice shy".

I've got a new one; "Once bitten, twice bitten, thrice bitten, want to be shy... Can't..."

And so, you get bitten again... and the saddest part is, the next time you do, you should have expected it but convinced yourself not to...

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Live", "Large"

Everyone’s heard the saying… you’ve only got one life, live it large. Now let’s examine that... This can be divided into two sections:

  • You have only one life
  • You should live your life large.


  • Apparently everyone has got only one life. Agreed. In that case, what do those people who believe in an afterlife say? You have many lives, live them all large? You have many lives; you can afford to live this one large? Ummm… Then, what about those people who tell others to “get a life...”? Does this mean they believe in the afterlife? Going by this now, it would mean that we live in a society filled with people who are (i) alive and (ii) people aspiring to be alive. But then again, what right do those people have to tell anyone to “get a life”? Why can’t they ever consider that someone might actually be happy being “dead”? Why must they force or induce life in a person? Inconsiderate people… Ah now this would again go against the “normal theory”. Maybe the “dead” people consider themselves as alive and the alive as “dead”. Wouldn’t it be confusing for them when they hear such a shockingly enlightening statement? But then the question would be as to who’s actually
    "alive" and who’s not… Then we would have to consider life and death as being relative…
  • You should live your life large. Then why the stigma against the obese!?!? Enough said…

Disclaimer- Now that I read this, the first part sounds influenced by the movie “The Others” but it’s genuinely originally nonsensical.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


People who are the closest to you have the most capacity to hurt you. This is but obvious and highly scary. So when you are in such a situation when you do get hurt and get hurt repetitively, what do you do? Do nothing and wait for it to go away? Move the person a bit farther away from you so you stop getting hurt so often? The second option sounds more appealing at times since you’re sick of feeling this way, but then again you don’t want those consequences… even though you get the feeling that the person might be taking you for granted. What do you do then? Again wait for it to go away and just ignore it? Show the person how wrong they are by making them realise you might not always be there? Again the second option would sound tempting if it weren’t so damn hard to do and you realise that the other person might be more important to you than you are to them… And you wish it could go back to how it was… Carefree (fine, more carefree than the present), less touchy, with less expectations… wish it would stop feeling vulnerable and stop wanting to lash out, only to realise that you can’t bring yourself to in the first place…

All the world's a stage... who made us the critics!?!

Sudden revelation dawned on me… made me shake my head in disbelief at the idiocy of it all... By “it” I mean humanity by the way… people are hypocritical. Holds true from the time they have grown up enough to realise they don’t need diapers and can stand on their own two feet. They might not realise it at first of course… at first everyone’s all innocent and sweet... as you grow, you claim to hate hypocrisy in all forms… The irony of this whole statement is that that very statement is hypocritical. Now to those who will object and raise arguments against this statement (because I’m sure there will be some) I say this; Consider people. People talk. People talk a lot. People talk about other people. Not all of it is very good. Not all of it is very approving. Now all this is very nicely, sweetly forgotten when they themselves find themselves in the very situation the subject of their conversation was in. In that case, everything’s fine, everything’s acceptable… of course it is… it’s them doing it! If anyone talk about you the way you had spoken before, sacrilege!!! Ok cutting to the chase, people are comfortable being critical observers, not the actors themselves. Compliments the saying well…. If all the world’s a stage, then who’s watching? Bottom-line, people are inconsiderate, people are hypocritical. And in the case of the author herself, people can definitely be cynical.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here I am...???

I’m tired… it’s strange... When I’m tired in this way (which is physically tired plus a tad of recovering from mental exhaustion), and going about my day as I usually do, I get a really unreal feeling. I feel I don’t belong. I feel I’m not even here. Then I realize I am and I get a start and wonder- Why am I here? What am I even doing here? It’s like I just woke up and realized “Oh, all that was true!!” I wonder why people talk the way they do… why people think they way they do… why people are the way they are… It’s utterly baseless... I just feel like I wasn’t here till now… some mere wisp of a shadow of my existence was and now that I’m here in toto, it’s going to take some getting used to… So I sleep… and when I wake up I’m the “me” that I was before, till the next time…

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Legally Brunette

Being in law school can get to you in a while... Now I’m speaking like one who’s been here for years and braved all that college has to throw at me but that’s not so.. Just in my 2nd semester and just in a mood to whine.. that’s all…

This place has made me get addicted to my laptop… It has definitely cut down my TV watching capacity and inclination but there’s a steep rise in my ability to sit with the computer… So much that I’ve started speaking the language as well… I saw a cute card and just kept it because I liked it… how did I tell a friend about that? I told him that I “saved” the card…. I bumped into my fridge and almost jolted it off the stand... What did I mentally exclaim? “Oops! Ctrl+Z!!” And sometimes it gets so odd and muddled up inside that head of mine that I just want to press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and make some sense of it all… Ummm………

That’s one aspect… Another is that, just after a moot or some such heavy duty law research event, everyone becomes “Your Lordship”. During attendance in any normal class, “Roll no. 429… Yes Your Lordship!!!” You read a book... any old novel, and you act like you’re reading a case… you come across something you think “rebuts” an earlier point and you immediately want to reach for a highlighter…. You repeat something a friend told you to someone else and immediately “footnote” him… Ummm………

Life is bright but dull at the same time… you want to work but don’t want to at the same time. You’re determined to be all sincere and hardworking but really cant work up the inclination to do so… Once it starts I’m sure the flow will continue but the ignition is taking some time to flare up… And now I’m thinking of a silly joke in which you have to make a scooter lean 60 degrees to kick start it… Yeesh… :P

So I get the whining out of my system, give myself some satisfaction of blogging again and go to find my keys and go try and kick start the old vehicle.. Ciao world…

Sunday, January 14, 2007

But then again...

What if nothing I wrote below mattered and you felt like this:

Friday, January 12, 2007

What if...?

What if you were thinking something you wished were untrue?

What if you kept getting the feeling it wasn't?

What if you wanted to tell someone so you could let it all out?

What if you thought it was way too stupid to even utter to anyone even though it was important to you?

What if you wished that people weren't as important to you as they were?

What if you didn't truly want them to be any less important?

What if you felt you weren't as important to those people?

What if you wanted people to know you wanted to be as important to them but feared saying it because it would sound silly?

What if you wanted to sort it all out when such thoughts prevailed but couldn't really do much but feel like punching something?

What if you wished you could write it all down, sort it all out, talk it through, convince yourself that everything was perfect and actually have it be so, release the steam formed under pressure in your mind?

What if you couldn't...?