Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I blogged, therefore I was.

I’ve noticed, I blog a hell of a lot more in my vacations than I do during the semester. Maybe because I invariably end up bored during my internship and keep writing. More time to write one might say, but more time to think? I think of loads of things about which I could produce interesting, amusing, or deep posts about… all year round, be it in the holidays or otherwise, but many many times, they just somehow don’t materialse into anything…I either keep putting off writing about it till I can’t possibly do it justice, or I just don’t bother, saying I just might do it later.. this being a topic I would have pounced on earlier and written feverishly about, mind you. But, as I’ve come to learn from experience, if you don’t write something while still in the rush of thinking it, at that very time, you’ve lost it. And I don’t feel the urge to write it anymore, almost at all… I tried writing something yesterday which seemed nice and interesting when I thought of it, but it just fizzled out, leaving me puzzled, as if where did I think I would go with this? So, yesterday, when I was chatting with Brick about some nonsense or the other, I quickly hung up and started typing while the rush was still there and you can see the result below. (That’s why the thank you note at the end, I’m not exactly practicing my award speech yet.)

Earlier, I didn’t really know why I blogged and was more than happy about it. Now, I still don’t know why I blog and therefore don’t seem to other to blog at all. Sometimes I think I’m running out of nonsense and that thought scares me a bit because that has actually become part of my identity. Then at times I come to realize I still have it in truckloads,I just have to strain a little more to access those stores and I just feel a little apathetic to do so…


suk said...

this feeling u experience is not only limited to blogging or writing, it's with every idea that hits you; if you don't act on it then, chances are u mite lose it.. thats y i sleep with a pencil and pad near my bed these days :P

raghu said...

maha ditto.