Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Signed out

Today, I passed a shop which had a sign in the window. The shop was a Reebok showroom, which had several sleek sports shoes displayed in its window. The sign in question proclaimed- “FLAT 20% OFF!”

I looked. I saw. I thought; Obviously… Reebok doesn’t make heels…

I blogged, therefore I was.

I’ve noticed, I blog a hell of a lot more in my vacations than I do during the semester. Maybe because I invariably end up bored during my internship and keep writing. More time to write one might say, but more time to think? I think of loads of things about which I could produce interesting, amusing, or deep posts about… all year round, be it in the holidays or otherwise, but many many times, they just somehow don’t materialse into anything…I either keep putting off writing about it till I can’t possibly do it justice, or I just don’t bother, saying I just might do it later.. this being a topic I would have pounced on earlier and written feverishly about, mind you. But, as I’ve come to learn from experience, if you don’t write something while still in the rush of thinking it, at that very time, you’ve lost it. And I don’t feel the urge to write it anymore, almost at all… I tried writing something yesterday which seemed nice and interesting when I thought of it, but it just fizzled out, leaving me puzzled, as if where did I think I would go with this? So, yesterday, when I was chatting with Brick about some nonsense or the other, I quickly hung up and started typing while the rush was still there and you can see the result below. (That’s why the thank you note at the end, I’m not exactly practicing my award speech yet.)

Earlier, I didn’t really know why I blogged and was more than happy about it. Now, I still don’t know why I blog and therefore don’t seem to other to blog at all. Sometimes I think I’m running out of nonsense and that thought scares me a bit because that has actually become part of my identity. Then at times I come to realize I still have it in truckloads,I just have to strain a little more to access those stores and I just feel a little apathetic to do so…

Monday, November 12, 2007

I think I’m trying to make a line. It might not be straight though.

It started with chain mails. The stupidity of them all… Don’t you just get irritated when you get a mail saying “Forward this to 262.56 people in 20 minutes or a bird will throw an egg at your head!” Ok, personally, I do. But think out of the box. Out of the egg even. I have turned into one big egg-etarian nowadays. Maybe if that happens, I will want to catch the egg and cook it! Now there’s no problem as long as it’s a chicken egg and you actually see the chicken throwing it at your head and very obviously missing (but maybe you’re just very good at ducking… In that case the bird throwing the egg at you certainly won’t be a duck because imagine out-ducking a duck... it’s ridiculous! Ok getting back… imagine if you just have an egg thrown at you but didn’t see which bird threw it at you...would you still eat it? Or would I still eat it? Knowing the egg head that I’ve become, if it looks reasonably like a chicken’s egg, I just might… Of course I wouldn’t if it’s green and meant to be eaten with ham (I am a vegetarian after all (Sorry Dr. Suess)). Getting back again… Another situation… what if the person who had the egg flung at their head was not me but say my cook.. and imagine if the egg was seen to be thrown by a pigeon but was actually stolen from a sparrows nest…. And if the egg looks small, brown and very tempting, he might just cook it for me hoping to please me and get a raise in the process (it’s so hard to get good help nowadays…) and what if I love it? I want more… I tell him to make more… now the guy has to get more of these eggs…but only he thinks they are pigeons eggs… he would get those and see that they are neither tempting or brown and would thus be in a quandary. And thus in not making more of those eggs for me, he would stand a chance of losing his job or just disappointing me very much… see how much trouble chain mails can lead to! So people, just don’t send them!

Ok drifting apart from that particular point to a whole new one in probable a different plane (see heading), why would the pigeon steal the sparrows egg? Considering how stupid pigeons are, it probably thought it was its own egg and just took it, only to realize with fury that you hadn’t in fact forwarded that mail to 262.56 people in 20 minutes. So it throws the egg at you... Oops… All that effort of taking that egg with all that “thought” put into being more stupid than normal vanishes… Sigh…

A million thanks to Hoverer for helping me start this and to Another Brick in the Wall for providing his invaluable pigeon-brained 2 cents to get me to write this!